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Muma Rope:Block Galaxy

Block Galaxy
Basic Info




Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Decrepit Facility
Particle World NoEntry
Another White
Bus Stop NoReturn
Block Galaxy B LockedCondition🔐
R-Maze Chance🍀



Map ID 0131, 0132

The Block Galaxy is an area accessible from the Decrepit Facility.

Map of Block Galaxy


Taking the rightmost ladder, going east and then climbing up a long ladder you will find a green block with a doorway. The doorway leads to Another White.

From the entrance, taking the rightmost ladder, entering the red doorway, then going west you will see a red ladder on the block. Interacting with this ladder will make it drop to the bottom, and unlock the shortcut to Block Galaxy B. Continuing west up the ladder and into the yellow doorway, you will find a bench and a streetlight. Sitting on the bench and waiting for a while will make Muma fall asleep, and be taken to the Bus Stop.

From the entrance, climbing down the three ladders on the left, going west and climbing up the middle ladder, you will eventually find a red block with a doorway. Through this doorway is a small space with a collectable Coin.

From the Another White door, going up two ladders and entering the yellow doorway, then going down another two ladders you will find a gray block. If the R-Maze connection is active in this world, it will be on this gray block.


Memory Room → First StepsBlack WatersOvergrown RustDecrepit Facility → Block Galaxy