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Muma Rope:Another White

Another White
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Block Galaxy
Yin Yang Lake
Flower Field
R-Maze Chance🍀


Map ID 0092, 0093

Another White is an area accessible from the stairs in the Flower Field.

Map of the area


Another White is a monochrome space with multiple stairs and paths. There are notably heads in different spots, along with various shapes that could possibly be foliage.

There are a few NPCs that can be interacted with. "Maki" (based on the in-game event name) is located beneath the Yin Yang Lake entrance and plays a splashing sound effect upon interaction. "Saki" is located roughly southwest from where the R-Maze teleport can spawn and plays a high-pitched, sliding noise when interacted with. "Kaki" is across from the entrance to Yin Yang Lake and plays a boing sound effect upon interaction.

A white passage takes Muma to Block Galaxy, while a monochrome cave goes to Yin Yang Lake. If the player enters from Block Galaxy, continues right, and then takes the lower stairs, they'll enter a stairway connecting to Flower Field.


Memory Room → First StepsDark StairwaysWindy CanyonFlower Field → Another White