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Muma Rope:First Steps

First Steps
Basic Info





Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Memory Room
Black Waters
Retro Dungeon NoReturn
Dark Stairways



Map ID 0003, 0076

First Steps is an area accessible from the Memory Room.


Annotated map of the area

First Steps is mainly a grassy expanse with clusters of white flowers dotting the ground. Several white rabbits wander the area, and a single black rabbit can be found just southeast of the entrance near the Rose memory.

Directly south of the entrance is a cliff surrounded by stone pillars of various shapes as well as a wooden picket fencing lining the cliff's edge. On the fence is a small break, leading to a small platform from which Muma can dive off from. Doing this will make Muma slowly sink to the Black Waters. If Black Waters has been visited at least once, there will be a hidden door on the wide stone pillar left of the dive platform, which is the first tile from the right. Entering this secret doorway skips the cutscene of Muma sinking into the area.

Northeast of the entrance is a trail of papers, which leads to a computer and a stack of papers atop a shabby wooden desk. Interacting with the monitor will make Muma type something on the keyboard, sending her to the Retro Dungeon.

Further north from the computer is a cliff face with a small doorway leading to the Dark Stairways. Going up the staircase along the cliff's face will lead to a higher area with a single coin atop it. Moving north after going up the staircase will cause the area to loop near the entrance to the Memory Room, replacing the southern area with the cliff to the Black Waters and requiring Muma to head north again to get to the cliff face.


Memory Room → First Steps