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Neon Zone
Basic Info

EffectRainbow Heart



Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Blue Flow LockedCondition🔐
Lower Totem Hill LockedCondition🔐
R-Maze Chance🍀



Map ID 0087, 0085, 0088

The Neon Zone is an area accessible from a neon door in Blue Flow.


Scattered throughout the area are teleporters. Touching a teleporter will change the color of the world, and alternates between two sections. The colors of the world changes, in order, from blue, to green, yellow, red, pink, then back to blue.

The first section is where you would be taken to if entered from Blue Flow. If the R-Maze portal is active in this area, it will be just to the south of the neon blue door.

The second section is slightly larger than the first one. This section contains a neon red door that leads to the Lower Totem Hill. It can only be used if the world's color is red. Also in this section is a yellow outline of a coin. If the area's color is yellow, it will be a full coin and collectable.

If you have cycled the colors back to blue, there will be a rainbow teleporter to the south and west of the red door. Entering the teleporter will lead to a different section of the Neon Zeon where the colors of the world is white, and Muma's sprite changes into a rainbow. You can find the Rainbow Heart memory and a rainbow bunny in this section.


Memory Room → First StepsBlack WatersOvergrown RustBlue Flow → Neon Zone