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Muma Rope:Lower Totem Hill

Lower Totem Hill
Basic Info

EffectCycloptic Egg

Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Glowing Meadow
Neon Zone
R-Maze Chance🍀


muma totem

Map ID 0050

The Lower Totem Hill is an area accessible from the Glowing Meadow.


The Lower section of the Totem Hill features purple grass and the same black totem-like structures. The entrance from the Glowing Meadow is a totem structure forming an arc. The upper section is also visible, though is inaccessible from this lower area.

North of the arc is a slightly higher hill where the Cycloptic Egg memory resides.

East of that is a one-way door that leads back to the Memory Room.

Further east is a red outline of a door that will bring you to the Neon Zone.

On the walls of the cliffs are two openings that can be passed through.

If the R-Maze connection is active in this area, the portal will be located north of the Memory Room door after passing through the wall opening.


Memory Room → Retro DungeonOwl SwampPuzzle ChamberGlowing Meadow → Lower Totem Hill