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Muma Rope:The Grinder

The Grinder
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs Other Muma
Connecting Areas

Great Rope
Blood n' Blood NoReturn
Flesh n' Blood NoReturn


Map ID 0082, 0083

The Grinder is an area accessible from the Great Rope, through the deepest part of an isolated section of Red Sands B Settlement.


This area is a series of very straight-forward vertical hallways in what appears to be an old run-down factory.

The first room shows a red hallway with some moss patches and red lights to each side.
The second room shows some grass patches in the middle of the path.
The third room shows some conveyor belts next to the red lights, where some copies of Muma will be seen going down. There's a computer next to the door to the next room. This room has very transparent but frequent red pulses.
The fourth room shows a conveyor with more Muma copies to the right, empty space to the left, and small puddles of blood in the middle of the room and under the next room's door.

The last door takes Muma to a room with four sets of conveyor belts going down. By this point, the already mentioned red pulses have grown in frequency and intensity. Going up will reveal a pit where numerous copies of Muma can be seen falling, and a very big puddle of blood next to it.
Jumping down the pit will take Muma to Blood n' Blood.


If the secret found in Blood n' Blood has already been obtained, jumping into the hole at the end of the vault will instead lead to Flesh n' Blood.

Spoilers end here.


Memory Room → First StepsRetro DungeonWeird ForestGreat RopeRed Sands B Settlement (isolated) → The Grinder