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Muma Rope:Weird Forest

Weird Forest
Weird Forest.png
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Retro Dungeon NoEntry ((Inversed))
Micro World
Sands of Time
Great Rope
R-Maze Chance🍀


Weird Forest

Map ID 0037

The Weird Forest is an area made accessible from a hole in the Inversed Retro Dungeon after killing every slime.


This world features a similar scrolling system to the one seen in Retro Dungeon. This world is formed by seven different screens which connect with each other; starting from the Inversed Retro Dungeon and going up, these are:

  • A room full of fractal-like trees and a hole in the middle, and going through it will drop Muma in Sands of Time.
  • A room with patches of grass that will sometimes spell "MUMA" and sometimes spell "ROPE". Going through the portal seen in the middle of the word ROPE's O will take Muma to the Great Rope.
  • A room with fractal-like trees and a house in the middle. Going into the house will take Muma to Micro World.
  • A room full of houses with no doors.
  • A room full of gravestones in a spiral pattern. Interacting with the slightly bigger tombstone seen in the middle of the spiral will display the numbers "0, 14, 21 ,33, 38, 80, 84". This is the solution to the math problem found in Diophantus' epitaph.
  • A room with trees and patches of water.
  • A room with five small mountains that have trees on them.


Memory Room → First StepsRetro Dungeon → Weird Forest