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Muma Rope:Retro Dungeon

Retro Dungeon
Basic Info

EffectEmpty #2

Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

First Steps NoEntry
White Shores NoReturn
Owl Swamp
Weird Forest NoReturn (from Inversed Retro Dungeon)
R-Maze Chance🍀



Map ID 0004, 0081

The Retro Dungeon is an area accessible from First Steps.

Annotated map of Retro Dungeon


The Retro Dungeon consists of multiple scrolling rooms resembling a dungeon-crawler video game. A version of this area with a modified layout and inverted colors can be accessed as well, known as the Inversed Retro Dungeon.

The Retro Dungeon is largely black and white in color featuring some hot pink highlights occasionally. The area has grass and brick walls decorated with candles, overall resembling a labyrinth. Large rocks are also scattered around the dungeon and a shoreline covers the area's east and southeast portions. A few rabbits inhabit the area, though several slimes that will attack Muma also roam the dungeon. These deplete one point of health when they get close to her until they kill her, returning her to the Memory Room. Pink crosses can also be found around the dungeon which will fully heal Muma when interacted with.

Going two rooms east from the starting room and then one room south will reveal a break in the dungeon's wall, showing a large body of water that can not be accessed. Spike traps cover the floor of this room and the one below, which will deplete Muma's health bar by one point if they are stepped on. Continuing around the spike traps will lead to a bridge area outside of the dungeon, although Muma will be required to walk through at least one spike trap to get there. At the end of the bridge area is a pink healing cross and a one-way doorway to the White Shores.

Heading two rooms down from the northwesternmost room leads to a small room with a doorway to the Owl Swamp.

Heading one room down from the northwesternmost room leads to a room with three rocks and two small bodies of water. The rock aligned with the room's pathway can be interacted with from the left to make Muma move it, which will reveal a secret passageway leading to the Inversed Retro Dungeon. After this rock is moved and the passageway is revealed, it will stay like this even upon returning to the Memory Room.

Heading two rooms down and one room east will lead to a room with a rock, a slime, and a bunny. If the R-Maze connection is active in this area, it will be located in this room.

This world houses one of the hidden collectibles neccesary to see one of the endings. Sailing the sea is the key to unlock it.


Directly left of the White Shores doorway is an invisible path along the water. Following this path will lead to one of the seven Empties, located through a door on a small island with a white rabbit. Picking up the Empty through the door will cause Muma to flash between her normal and Retro Dungeon appearances before being sent back to the Memory Room.

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Inversed Retro Dungeon

The Inversed Retro Dungeon is nearly identical to the normal Retro Dungeon, although its appearance is now dominantly white instead of black and Muma will have her regular appearance. As the name implies, the mechanics in the Inversed Retro Dungeon are inversed from the regular Retro Dungeon: Muma can now attack the slimes, the spike traps will retreat into the ground instead of hurting Muma, and the pink crosses will fully deplete Muma's health when interacted with.

Heading through any of the doorways in this area will instead teleport Muma to a small island with a single pink cross, isolating her. This will force her to either return to the Memory Room or interact with the pink cross to get her health depleted.

Upon killing all of the slimes in the area, a small hole will appear in the centermost room next to the pink cross. Jumping into this hole will lead to the Weird Forest.


Memory Room → First Steps → Retro Dungeon


Retro Dungeon

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Inversed Retro Dungeon