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Answered Prayers:Clock Work World

Clock Work World
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs Cogs
Connecting Areas

Gradient World
Industrial Maze



Map ID 0005
Map Type Large, Looping

Clock Work World is one of the four locations accessed from the Nexus and can be entered through the black door.

Map of Clock Work World


Clock Work World is largely made up of platforms resemble tubes, sheet metal, and grids, giving the area an overall industrial look. The background depicts an orange and green sun-like design with rotating gears.

Just a bit southwest of the Nexus entrance is a door identical to that of Clock Work World's Nexus door. It is surrounded by various cog NPCs that all move in the same square motion. Going through this door takes Fluorette to the Industrial Maze.

If the player instead chooses to head directly west, they will be taken along a path that leads to a pink door. Going through this door leads to Gradient World.


Nexus → Clock Work World


  • In version 0.02.5, it was originally required for the player to activate switches around Clock Work World in order to open a mechanical door that blocked Fluorette from getting to the Gradient World door. In version 0.03, these were removed.
  • Occasionally, the background for this world will not display properly.