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Answered Prayers:Gradient World

Gradient World
AP GradientWorld.png
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs Orbs
Connecting Areas

Clock Work World
Broken Clock Park


Tick Tock

Map ID 0048
Map Type Medium, Looping
Version Added 0.025

Gradient World is an area accessible through the pink door in Clock Work World.

Map of Gradient World


The background of Gradient World is entirely pink and blue. The entrance is surrounded by pulsing tiles that make noise when stepped on, and there are a number of various patterned tiles scattered elsewhere. Behind all this, geometric shapes float downward on a gradient background.

Throughout the world are many flickering, black-and-white orbs that move downward linearly, going left, down, right, and down to a ticking clock beat. These orbs can be killed with the Shovel Prayer.

Among the orbs is a single one that flashes red and blue instead, which also moves in a more erratic fashion. Interacting with this orb will bring Fluorette to the Broken Clock Park.



  • This area was added in version 0.025.
  • Originally, the player would have to solve a small switch puzzle in Clock Work World in order to access the door to this area. This puzzle was removed in version 0.03.