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Answered Prayers:Forest World

Forest World
Basic Info

EffectNone (previously Broken Sandals)

Events None
Notable NPCs Spider
Connecting Areas

Snowy Streets
Miko Shrine


Forest Loop
Echonio (Sunflower Field)

Map ID 0061, 0081
Map Type Medium, Looping

Forest World can be reached through a tree portal in the frozen lake section of the Snowy Streets.


Map of Forest World

Forest World is a modest forest dotted with two types of trees.

Entering a brown door within the forest leads to the Miko Shrine.

A large black spider wanders randomly around the forest. Interacting with it will lead you to a Sunflower Field with a cloudy background and light snowfall. Walking off either side of the screen will return the player to the forest.

If the spider is hit with the shovel, blood will splatter and an electric shock noise will be heard, but the spider will continue on.

Walking into the snow between the gap in the entrance leads back to the Snowy Streets.


NexusSnowy Streets → Forest World


  • In versions 0.01 to 0.02.5, you could find the Broken Sandals prayer in this area by collecting a pair of broken sandals found laying on the forest floor.