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Answered Prayers:Snowy Streets

Snowy Streets
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs Snow Girls, Ice Girls, Snowy Streets Angel, Chimiko
Connecting Areas

Forest World
Spirit Town



Map ID 0007, 0008, 0027, 0029, 0039, 0105, 0106, 0110
Map Type Large, Looping, Multiple maps

The Snowy Streets is one of the four main areas accessible from the Nexus and can be entered through the blue door.

Map of the Snowy Streets
Map of the Frozen Lake


The Snowy Streets are a vast landscape of snow and ice with blue flames scattered across the area. White humanoid figures called Snow Girls wander around. If you interact with them, they appear startled and take a few steps back, before continuing to walk.

The Snowy Streets consist of several sub-areas: the streets themselves, a great frozen lake, and three smaller areas (the crashed bus, the Deep Snow Path, and the Snow Girl Army) reached by interacting with certain Snow and Ice Girls.

To teleport to the frozen lake, interact with the burning outdoor stove to the right of the Nexus door.

Crashed Bus

If you interact with all four of the blue flames scattered across the main area of the Snowy Streets, they will light up a circle of nine bonfires found elsewhere on the map. This summons a Snow Girl that stands in the middle of the fires. Interacting with her brings you to the site of a crashed bus with footsteps leading into it. Inside, a dead person lies curled up on the floor, with a halo floating above them. Interacting with this Snowy Street Angel will teach you the Halo Prayer.

Frozen Lake Area

The Frozen Lake is a large sub-area consisting of still water that reflects the sky. Patches of snow with white trees dot the area.

A single Chimiko wanders here. If you previously attacked the Chimiko of the Miko Shrine, the frozen lake Chimiko will exact revenge when you enter her area, as you are unable to outrun her.

A few Snow Girls wander the area as well. There are also the two Ice Girls, blue variants of the Snow Girls, who appear to be in authority positions over the others. One of them is moving freely but turns away from you when approached. If you interact with her, she will take you to the Deep Snow Path. The second Ice Girl, who stands completely still in the center of a manji symbol in the snow, teleports you to the Snow Girl Army.

There is a portal to the Forest World southwest of the stove consisting of two pine trees.

Deep Snow Path

The Ice Girl stands at the top of the path. On the left and right await her Snow Girls. The Snow Girls here turn their backs towards you and, unlike the other Snow Girls, completely ignore your interaction. If the Shovel is equipped, they will slowly back away from you. However, the Ice Girl does not move and does not seem to fear you.

At the bottom of this path is the Road in the Sky, which connects to Spirit Town.

When returning to the frozen lake through the Ice Girl, the player will be teleported back to the stove.

Snow Girl Army

An small, looping area where an army of Snow Girls is marching in unison. Equipping the Shovel brings disharmony into the formation. You can also disrupt the group synchronization by standing in the way of the girls or interacting with them. The Ice Girl stands on a patch of snow, seemingly overseeing the marching Snow Girls. Like the other Ice Girl, she does not flee from you.


Nexus → Snowy Streets


  • The snow around the Forest World portal seems to form a shape resembling Uboa.