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Answered Prayers:Glitch World

Glitch World
AP Glitch World.png
Basic Info

EffectChromakey Dreamcoat

Events None
Notable NPCs Glitched Noodle People, Chromakey Dreamcat
Connecting Areas

Green World
Arrow Lane



Map ID 0010, 0011
Map Type Medium, Looping, Multiple maps

The Glitch World is an area accessible from the Green World through a glitching door.

Map of Glitch World


True to its name, the Glitch World is an area consisting of glitched tiles and NPCs. The background is a slow scrolling computer board, and the exit back to the Green World is marked by a flashing spiral floor tile.

From the entrance, heading southwest will lead to a stationary, horizontal line of blue humanoid NPCs. Just below them is a flashing spiral floor tile, similar to that of the entrance. Stepping on this tile leads to Glitch World 2. This sub-area is a small, looping space that contains more glitched NPCs. A cat directly east of the entrance, known as the Chromakey Dreamcat, will teach Fluorette the Chromakey Dreamcoat prayer when interacted with.

Just east of the tile to Glitch World 2 is an arrow that has a 20% (1/5) chance of spawning, leading to Arrow Lane.


NexusGreen World → Glitch World


  • The Chromakey Dreamcoat Prayer was inspired by a Boards of Canada song of the same name.
  • The Glitch World was one of the first worlds added to the game. Game creator Klau pointed out that, because the area is intended to look "broken," Glitch World allowed a level of creative, experimental freedom to the design.