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Ultra Violet:Cyber World

Cyber World
UV CyberWorld.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)




Events Distorted Cyber World
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

The Nexus
Space Station
FC Fields

BGM BGM030てくの おもたい
BGM030てくの おもたい (Distorted)
Map ID 0032, 0104

The Cyber World is an area accessible from the Nexus.


Map of Cyber World

The Cyber World is a labyrinthine world with many rooms and characters with bright colors. The floors of each room in this world have various patterns.

The structure of this world makes it slightly difficult to navigate, although there are two doorways that can be entered to lead to new worlds.

  • Starting from the Nexus door, going one room up, two rooms left, and one room up will lead to a room with several frog-like NPCs near a doorway that leads to the FC Fields.
  • Starting from the Nexus door, going one room up, two rooms left, two rooms down, and one room right will lead to a room with a doorway that leads to the Space Station.

If a chaser in the Space Station has been angered with the Nail Hammer effect, they will send Sometsuki to an isolated part of this world with a yellow tile. Walking over this tile until you hear a 'click' sound will slow the area's music, and once this occurs, using the Egg effect to return to the Nexus will reveal that the Nexus door to Cyber World is now decorated with squares instead of rectangles. Upon entering, all of the NPCs will appear as corrupted masses of pixels. The world will be reset after waking up once.


The Nexus → Cyber World