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Ultra Violet:FC Fields

FC Fields
UV FCFields.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

FC Fiirudo
FC Field




"old black" Window Type
"old blue" Window Type

Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Cyber World
FC Dungeon

BGM BGM033 FC おでかけ
Map ID 0076, 0087, 0103

The FC Fields is an area accessible from Cyber World.

Map of FC Fields


The FC Fields is a field-like area with graphics resembling Famicom/NES games. The area consists of several clumps of trees, some "enemy" NPCs that wander the fields, and a town surrounded by a lake that is inhabited by humanoid rabbit NPCs. Once this world is entered for the first time, Sometsuki obtains the "old black" Window Type.

The main point of interest in this world is the small town surrounded by a lake. There are five houses within this town and a small town square where some of the town's inhabitants wander. Inside these houses, there are decoration pieces such as closets, drawers, and potted plants that may give 100 yen if interacted with. The largest of the five houses is a two-story school with many rabbit NPCs inside. On the second story in the classroom on the right of the hall, there is a chest containing the "old blue" Window Type.

The smallest of the five buildings, which is located on an island behind the largest building, simply contains a room with a single window and a staircase. Going down this staircase leads to the FC Dungeon.


The Nexus → Cyber World → FC Fields