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When exploring the dream world, Sometsuki may occasionally come across various occurrences known as events. These events typically require a particular trigger in order to activate, mostly requiring a specific effect to be obtained and used in order to experience the event.

Cushion Rave

Location: Liminal Building

Prompt: Enter the Liminal Building and reach the third floor. Enter the room on the left and interact with the lone cushion.

Description: Upbeat music begins playing as multiple patterns begin to rapidly flash on-screen. The center of each image is in the shape of a rabbit, a reoccurring motif in the game. The player can dismiss this by pressing the interact button.

A comfy rave.

Decapitating Fall

Location: Pinkish Continent

Prompt: Reach the south end of the Pinkish Continent and jump into the hole while the Headless effect is equipped, or can be triggered without using it on a 1/10 chance.

Description: Instead of landing in the Ancient Ruins normally, Sometsuki will tumble head-first into the ruins, causing her to hit her head on the ground with a large spurt of blood as she becomes decapitated. As her headless corpse lies on the ruins, Sometsuki suddenly awakens with her face to the ground, revealing she now has a nosebleed after falling out of bed. Returning to the Ancient Ruins after this event reveals a few puddles of blood have permanently stained the ruins.


Distorted Cyber World

Location: Cyber World

Prompt: Anger the chaser in the Space Station with the Nail Hammer effect and allow yourself to get caught. In the isolated section you are sent to, walk over the yellow tile five times. The music should slow down as a result. Use the Egg effect to return to the Nexus and enter Cyber World.

Description: After performing these steps, the Cyber World will now have all of its NPCs be a distorted mess of pixels. The door to Cyber World in the Nexus now displays jumbled squares instead of rectangles. This can be easily reset by waking up once.

A colorful distortion.

Guilty Smile

Location: Banquet Hall

Prompt: Destroy the violin in Banquet Hall, then go inside the room filled with paintings of toothy smiles and dark eyes, and there's a 1/32 chance that you may be unable to leave the room. If that's the case, interact 17 times with the door to make it fall on the ground.

Description: Some faces will start to appear alongside a heartbeat sound. After some seconds, Sometsuki will be forced to wake up.

I guess I shouldn't have destroyed that violin...

Schoolgirl's Diary

Location: Schoolgirl's Room

Prompt: Enter the Schoolgirl's Room until the Schoolgirl is completely absent and her diary is flipped open. This has a 1/48 chance of occurring upon entering the room.

Description: Once the Schoolgirl is absent, approaching and interacting with her open diary will suddenly change the room. Blood and vines will cover the walls, the carpet will turn into several eyes, a face peers in from the sliding door, and the Schoolgirl towers over Sometsuki from behind with a highly distorted appearance. Once Sometsuki attempts to move, the Schoolgirl will come down and eat Sometsuki, sending her to a trap with a heavily distorted background that can only be escaped by waking up or using the Egg effect.

She's right behind me, isn't she?

Take Off

Location: Liminal Building

Prompt: Climb to the rooftop of the Liminal Building and interact with the right side of the roof while flying on the Magician effect's broom.

Description: Upbeat music will begin playing as Sometsuki flies through the air on her broom. She is able to be controlled by the player to freely move up, down, left, or right. The interaction button can be pressed to dismiss this event.

I'm flying!