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Ultra Violet:Menu Themes

By interacting with the computer in Sometsuki's room, you can change your menu theme (called "Window Type" in-game) into 12 (citation needed) different types.

This page serves as a guide of what menu themes are available throughout the game, how and where they are unlocked.

Theme Location Conditions Image In-game
Uv theme w1.png
Sometsuki's Room Obtained at the beginning of the game
Violet menu theme #1
Monochrome menu theme #2
Silver menu theme #3
Violet II menu theme #10
Uv theme w2.png
Uv theme w3.png
Uv theme w10.png
violet II
Uv theme w4.png
Snow World Obtained by interacting with a twin-tailed girl in Snow World.
Uv menu orange location1.png
Orange menu theme #4
Countryside Obtained by interacting with a person wearing a sunhat in Countryside.
Uv menu orange location2.png
Uv theme w5.png
Vast Plains Obtained by interacting with the lone Dessert-Folk at the left of the plains.
Uv menu theme cookie location.png
Cookie menu theme #5
Uv theme w6.png
Floating Library Obtained by interacting with the center of the magic circle after lighting up all candles found in the library.
Uv menu theme hexe location.png
Hexe menu theme #6
Uv theme w7.png
hexe violett
Liminal Building Obtained by dismissing the Take Off flight event.
Uv menu hexe violett location.png
Hexe violett menu theme #7
Uv theme w8.png
old black
FC Fields Obtained by entering FC Fields for the first time.
Old black menu theme #8
Uv theme w9.png
old blue
FC Fields Obtained by opening the chest in the last room at the top floor of the largest building in FC Fields.
Uv menu old blue location.png
Old blue menu theme #9
Uv theme w11.png
Schoolgirl's Room Obtained by sleeping with the Schoolgirl's bed.
Uv menu green location.png
Green menu theme #11