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    Mini Hell
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Hell's Crossroad
    Red B

    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs Madotsuki's Ghost
    Connecting Areas

    Number World

    Removed Connections

    Eyeball World
    Neon Tile Path

    BGM これなあに ~らくがきの世界~
    Map ID 0067
    Map Type Small, Looping
    Version Added 0.04

    Mini Hell (also known as Hell's Crossroad) is a small crossroads very similar to Hell. Unlike its counterpart, however, it is easy to navigate and only connects with one place.

    Map of Mini Hell


    Mini Hell is simply a crossroads consisting of red paths similar to the ones found in Hell. In each of the cardinal directions is a closet that will warp Madotsuki to Number World's bed room when opened. The area can only be accessed after stabbing the Toriningen found in the Number World's bed room with the Knife effect and then entering the third closet from the left near the southmost beds.

    At the center of the area is Madotsuki's Ghost, a semi-transparent gray copy of Madotsuki. This ghost variant does not walk around, though she will face in the direction that the real Madotsuki is currently in.


    NexusNumber World → Mini Hell


    • In older versions, Mini Hell had connections to other worlds and different layouts:
      • In version 0.04 and 0.06, Hell, Eyeball World, and the Neon Tile Path were accessible from it.
      • It much more closely resembled its final appearance in version 0.09, with version 0.10 simply adding onto it.