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Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Red A



Events None
Notable NPCs Nenrikido, Henkei Shita, Toriningen
Connecting Areas

Face Carpet Plaza
Neon Tile Path
Checkered Tile Path
Footprint Path
Dark Woods
Docks B
Dense Woods A Catch⚠️
Teleport Maze Catch⚠️
Sky Garden Catch⚠️
Snow World Trap🚷
Candle World Trap🚷

Removed Connections

Forest World
Mini Hell

Map ID 0047
Map Type Large, Looping
Version Added 0.01

Hell (also known as the Red Maze) is a large labyrinthine area accessed through multiple warps within the dream world.

Map of Hell
Annotated map of Hell
Face Carpet Plaza → Hell → Docks B / Dark Woods


Hell is a very large area, consisting of narrow pathways in a maze-like format. Several worlds connect to it through Nenrikido NPCs, which themselves are connected to Nexus worlds. The background music is a low droning sound (which is shared with Graffiti World). It can become difficult to navigate, even with a map, due to repeated patterns found throughout the maze. Two of the areas are only accessible through Hell, and both contain effects.

Three lunatic Toriningen are scattered throughout the maze. Though they may be hard to find at first, they can cause trouble due to the narrow pathways, making maneuvering around them impossible in some cases. It is recommended to bring the Triangle Kerchief or Stoplight effects first due to this.

On the east side of the maze are several unique warps to other worlds. The purple gate will lead to the Dark Woods, with this path eventually ending in finding the Witch effect on Witch's Island. The staircase will take the player to the Docks B, where the Fat effect can be obtained from Strober. The red Henkei Shita found here can be stabbed with the Knife effect for a 1/256 chance of being taken to the Footprint Path alongside the other Henkei Shita.

The west side of the maze is where all of the Nenrikido reside, which will take Madotsuki to a different location depending on the Nenrikido's shape. A lone vending machine can be found here as well, which will dispense health drinks for 130 yen each.

A similar area, known as Mini Hell can be found in the Bed Room of Number World.


There are several connections to Hell through various paths of equal length. Each of these paths leads to Hell through a Nenrikido NPC.


  • While Hell is not the largest area in the game overall, it is the largest singular room in the game.
  • In previous versions of Yume Nikki:
    • An object resembling a funhouse mirror could be found on the upper portion of the map. Upon interaction, it gave Madotsuki the Fat effect. This object was removed in version 0.10, and the Fat effect is now found in Docks B by interacting with Strober. However, the mirror can still be found in the Debug Room, and it still gives the same effect.
    • In 0.04, only the left half of Hell was present.
    • All transportation methods used a purple gate in versions 0.04 and 0.06.

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