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NPC Info
Role Displays a full-screen event
Location White Desert A
Size Standard
Killable? Yes

Monoe (モノ江, likely derived from monochrome) is a character found in the White Desert A. Her name comes from the "Picture/モノ江.xyz" file in the game, making her one of the few characters with an official name.


Monoe is a monochrome girl with squinted eyes and a smile. She sports a black skirt, a white collared T-shirt, and long black hair that hangs down to her shoulders.

Monoe can be found in one of the tunnels in the White Desert. To find her, you must first locate one of the short tunnels in the White Desert that has both a left and right entrance. Normally, going through the tunnel holes will do nothing, but stabbing the nearby Dave Spector with the Knife effect will cause the tunnels to warp Madotsuki. The left tunnel will take you to Monoe's room.

Full-screen event portrait of Monoe.

Monoe's room is simply a large black expanse with nothing notable other than the tunnel Madotsuki emerged from. Monoe can be found randomly within this void, simply walking around. It is easiest to find her by repeatedly using the Cat effect or quickly combing the area with the Bicycle effect.

Interacting with Monoe will trigger a brief full-screen event. A picture of her face will fade in, giving a closer look at her, before the image fades out again, revealing Monoe has vanished. After she disappears, she can be found somewhere else in the same room, as she simply teleported away.

In YUMENIKKI -DREAM DIARY-, she is seen in a school crying, rather than smiling in the original. After collecting four scraps of a photograph, assembling it, and showing it to her, she is next seen sitting on the stairs next to KyuuKyuu-kun. Approaching her will cause her to scream at the player, stopping Madotsuki from going beyond her.


  • The kanji in her name (), when translated into English, usually means bay or inlet.
  • In version 0.07, the picture of her is smaller and brighter.
  • Collectively by fans, she and Monoko are called the "Mono Sisters", alluding to the fan theories of them being sisters.
  • She was added in version 0.07, along with the White Desert itself.


Monoe's sprite (left) next to Long-Haired Madotsuki (right).

Monoe could be a vision of when Madotsuki was happy (or how she wants to be happy). She is one of the only characters that smiles while not seeming hostile (like Uboa or lunatic Toriningen). However, she quickly disappears when interacted with, which could represent Madotsuki's own happiness fading away or disappearing entirely. Monoe and Madotsuki may also appear similar, especially when Madotsuki has the Long Hair effect equipped.