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Yume Nikki:White Desert A

White Desert A
YN White Desert A.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)




Events Monoko, Monoe, Severed Heads in the Sky, Takofuusen
Notable NPCs Monoko, Monoe, Dave Spector, Eye People, Takofuusen, Severed Heads
Connecting Areas

Block World
White Desert B NoEntry

Map ID 0094 (Main area)

0095 (Monoko's Tunnel)

0096 (White Desert Path 1)

0097 (Monoe's Void)

0098 (White Desert Path 3 - Severed Heads)

0099 (Eye Box)

0100 (White Desert Path 2)

Map Type Large, Looping, Non-looping, Multiple maps
Version Added 0.07

The White Desert (also known as Black and White World) is a deeper location within the dream world.

Map of White Desert A


The White Desert is a large, monochrome desert world consisting of several rooms and areas. Everything within the desert is white (with occasional touches of bright red) and some areas contain a void-like black background or expanse. The areas found within the White Desert vary in appearance, though the main areas consist of expansive terrain with crudely-drawn cacti and bumpy pathways. Its large size makes it home to many notable characters and events, though no effects can be found here. The music is composed of only two sounds: a shuffling sound and a deep bell noise that play at different intervals.

The main White Desert area, White Desert A, consists of several cacti groups and barrier-like tiles that form shapes around the desert. A gate with two hands that resembles the Severed Blue Head can be found in the world's northwest section, which will take the player to Block World in front of a black gate. A hut with an arm-like path can be found in the world's southeastern section, which acts as a one-way warp from White Desert B.

Near the gate is the Eye Box, which can be stabbed with the Knife effect for a 1/30 chance of being taken to a black space with the Eye People. Stabbing the Eye Box again while in the Eye People's world also has a 1/30 chance of sending Madotsuki back to White Desert A.

Standing around the White Desert A has a 1/3600 chance for Takofuusen to fly by, which is rolled every half-second that Madotsuki is in the area. They will fly across the screen accompanied by a drum beat and will not react or change with any effects.

Around the White Desert A are small tunnel-like structures which can be entered. The northmost one in the middle of the continuous path houses Monoko, who will distort and appear in her own event when the Stoplight effect is used. The tunnel in the desert's southwestern section with the small looping path can only be entered after stabbing the Dave Spector found near it with the Knife effect. After doing so, the tunnel will have a different location depending on which side is entered:

  • Going through the left hole will lead to a large void with nothing but the tunnel back to the White Desert and a single NPC known as Monoe. Interacting with Monoe will trigger her own event where she appears up-close on the screen before teleporting away.
  • Going through the right hole will lead to a pathway with several notable background elements. Large flames and groups of trees can be seen in the distance while a structure resembling Tokuto-kun can be seen close by with red cords winding through it. A large arm and leg will also appear along the path, which will twitch when stabbed with the Knife effect. Finally, at the end of the path, there is a single structure that can be entered to cause the Severed Heads to appear.


NexusBlock World → White Desert A



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Large +, Looping +, Non-looping +  and Multiple maps +
白黒世界, Black and White World +
94 (Main area) +, 95 (Monoko's Tunnel) +, 96 (White Desert Path 1) +, 97 (Monoe's Void) +, 98 (White Desert Path 3 - Severed Heads) +, 99 (Eye Box) +  and 100 (White Desert Path 2) +