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NPC Info
Role Displays a full-screen event
Location White Desert A
Size Standard
Killable? Yes

Monoko (モノ子, "monochromatic girl") is a character found in the White Desert A. Her name comes from the Picture/モノ子.xyz file in the game, and is thus one of the few characters with an official name.


Monoko is a monochrome girl with cross-shaped eyes and an open mouth. She sports a patterned skirt, a white collared T-shirt, and black hair tied into twin pigtails. During her full-screen event, she is also revealed to wear socks. When the Stoplight effect is used near her, she gains some new features: her pigtails face in opposite directions, her stomach grows what seems to be a bloodless wound or vortex, she sprouts three new arms (one of which emerges from her head and grasps the air), and her mouth and left eye begin to dribble out liquid.

She is found inside one of the tunnels in the White Desert along a straight path, simply wandering back and forth. The tunnel can be entered from either the left or right, though the direction Madotsuki enters from does not affect anything. When her appearance is changed with the Stoplight effect, she can be interacted with to cause a full-screen event in which a detailed picture of Monoko bouncing, spinning, and zooming in and out on the screen will appear. The event is also accompanied by a drum-like beat, similar to the one heard during the KALIMBA TV Channel event.


  • Collectively by fans, she and Monoe are called the "Mono Sisters", alluding to the fan theories of them being sisters.


Monoko's strange reaction to the Stoplight effect appears to line up with the theme of traffic accidents speculated to be in the game. Her appearance during the effect's usage, as well as during her full-screen event, appears to be based on traffic accident injuries (such as her extra arms representing bones or spilled blood/organs). It's possible that Monoko is based on a person Madotsuki knew in the real world that suffered a vehicle-related accident, and her Stoplight effect appearance is a less graphic version of what Madotsuki witnessed. It should also be noted that other characters in the game, such as Buyo Buyo and the Wheelies, have disturbing reactions to the Stoplight effect being used as well.