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NPC Info
Role Warp to The Wilderness and FC World B
Location Barracks Settlement
The Docks B
The Sewers
FC World B
Size Standard
Killable? Yes

The Pirori (also known as Shadow Men) are a type of NPC found throughout different parts of the dream world.


The appearance of the Pirori differs between dream worlds, though they all share the characteristic of being humanoid in shape and having a large cavity through their heads that replaces their face and resembles the eye of a needle. In the Docks and Barracks Settlement, they are a dark brown color. In the Sewers. they are a much paler blue color. In FC World B, they take on an 8-bit style appearance are gray in color.

(From left to right) A normal Pirori, Sewer Pirori and FC Pirori.

When Madotsuki interacts with the Pirori, they respond by making one of two three-note chimes that varies between individuals. In the FC World, the Pirori make a more muted 8-bit tone with two notes instead of three. The Pirori in the Sewers can not be interacted with, thus they do not any noise.

Some Pirori also have the ability to teleport Madotsuki to other dream worlds. In the Barracks Settlement, which the Pirori appear to primarily live in, one of them is randomly selected per dream to take Madotsuki to their territory near the north of FC World B. When interacting with the lone Pirori in the Docks, they will send Madotsuki to the Wilderness section just outside of the Barracks Settlement.


  • The sounds the Pirori make in the Barracks Settlement and the Docks are the same ones for opening and closing the menu, but slowed down by 50%.
  • They are the only characters besides Madotsuki herself and Buyo Buyo (in previous versions of the Barracks Settlement) to have an appearance in both the regular and FC art styles of the game.
  • Due to file changes in Yume Nikki's Steam release, the Pirori in FC World B do not make any sound when interacted with.