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Yume Nikki:Barracks Settlement

Barracks Settlement
Basic Info
Original Name(s)




Events None
Notable NPCs Pirori, Seahorse, Isee, Buyo Buyo (earlier versions)
Connecting Areas

Mural World NoReturn
FC World B NoReturn

BGM バラック集落
Map ID 0066 (Town)

0068 (Isee Path)

0069 (Seahorse)

Map Type Medium, Looping, Multiple maps
Version Added 0.02

The Barracks Settlement (also called the Ghost Town by some fans, or the Shanty Village by the English soundtrack) is a deeper location that can be accessed from the Wilderness by going east and then north-west from Dark World's gate, or by talking to the Pirori found at one of the ends of the Docks B.

Map of the Barracks Settlement


It is an openly-looping area that consists of identical shacks and telephone poles scattered around, all surrounded by a green fence. Pirori wander the streets of the village and it is largely believed to be their hometown, as they can be found spread out throughout many other locations in the dream world, such as the Sewers.

Although there are many small buildings, only two of them can be entered. One slightly west of the entrance contains a strange orange creature known as the Seahorse, which is surrounded by coral-like objects also seen at the top of the map. The other house is in the northern section of the map and contains a path that runs between several houses, similar to the ones found in the main section of this map, with windows that have been replaced with monocular Isee. This path leads to a one-way door to Mural World.

By talking to a certain Pirori who is randomly decided upon entering the Barracks Settlement, the player will be teleported to FC World B, which leads to the Buyo Buyo effect.


NexusDark WorldWilderness → Barracks Settlement


  • In version 0.06, this location housed the Buyo Buyo effect, with the Buyo Buyo in the non-FC art style of the game. This can be seen here.
    • In version 0.08, both the Seahorse and the Buyo Buyo appear here, with the Seahorse seemingly sucking it dry as glugging noises are heard. The Buyo Buyo still appears in FC World B and gives its effect.
    • In version 0.09, both the Seahorse and the Buyo Buyo are still here, but the Seahorse now has its orange look instead of its earlier purple one.
    • Notably, the Barracks Settlement is connected to FC World B through a Pirori.