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NPC Info
Role None
Location Poniko's House
Size Standard
Killable? Yes

Poniko (ポニ子, "Ponytail girl") is a character found in the Pink Sea.


Poniko is a blonde girl with a ponytail, a green long-sleeve shirt, and a checkered brown skirt. She wears red shoes that are similar to Madotsuki's own shoes. She also has rosy cheeks and blue eyes which constantly look to her left side, giving a somewhat annoyed or dismissive expression.

Poniko in her room.

She can be found inside a conical house located on one of the southern islands in the Pink Sea. She is the sole resident of the Pink Sea, living alone in a single, room, much like Madotsuki herself. In her room, she simply wanders around and has no reaction to the player if she is interacted with normally, and she will show the standard reactions to the Knife and Stoplight effects. However, she will perform a small stomping animation when attracted with the Cat effect.

When interacting with the light switch upon entering Poniko's room, there is a 1/64 chance that the room will change and Poniko will be replaced with Uboa, which will take Madotsuki to Uboa's Trap upon interaction.

In the manga

Poniko in the manga.

Poniko is one of the major characters of the Yume Nikki manga. In it, she wears a turtleneck sweater and has a solid-colored skirt rather than a patterned one. She also has overall straps which connect to her skirt and go over her shoulders. She is one of six dreamers that created the collective dream world and was isolated in her home in the Pink Sea.

When Madotsuki encounters Poniko for the first time, she appears to look up to her, asking herself if "she'll be [her] friend" and stating "her clothes are cute too". However, Poniko quickly transforms into Uboa once Madotsuki approaches her and attacks by hitting Madotsuki with the Umbrella effect, stealing her effects and trapping her in Uboa's Trap. As such, Madotsuki exacts revenge.

During the story's climax, Poniko uses Madotsuki's stolen effects to reach Seccom Masada-sensei and beheads him as Uboa, taking him to Mars-san to see what they can do about Madotsuki's increasingly violent nature. Poniko is tasked with exterminating Madotsuki as Masada is transformed into a window-like pattern on Poniko's shirt, similar to Madotsuki's pattern. Instead of killing Madotsuki, she uses the Knife effect to destroy Madotsuki's dream diary, causing the dream world to collapse in order to free herself and Madotsuki. However, a large Henkei Shita-like monster formed by Madotsuki's bad memories spots Poniko, consuming her as revenge for attacking her as Uboa.


  • If Poniko is killed using the Knife effect before triggering the Uboa event, then Uboa will not appear in the room. Due to this, the two can be inferred to be the same character and Uboa is simply an alternate form or appearance of Poniko (or vice-versa).
    • Uboa also appears in the exact location Poniko was before the lights are switched.