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Yume Nikki:Poniko's House

Poniko's House
Ponikos house.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Shoal House
Mono (Uboa's Trap)



Events Uboa
Notable NPCs Poniko, Uboa, Bloody Touching Monster
Connecting Areas

Pink Sea

BGM やさしいこだとおもってた ~ポニ子~ (Lights off)
やさしいこだとおもってた ~ポニ子~ (Lights on)
Map ID 0101 (Uboa's Trap)

0109 (Poniko's House)

Map Type Small, Non-looping, Looping, Multiple maps
Version Added 0.08

Poniko's House is an area within the Pink Sea.


Poniko's House is composed of only one room that is also largely pink in color. The room contains a closet, bed, bookcase, and desk. A yellow carpet is laid on the floor with a pink pillow near it. Two posters decorate the wall and a small window with purple curtains reveals a starry night sky. The only inhabitant of the room is Poniko, who simply walks around the room and does nothing upon interaction.

A light switch next to the door can change the appearance of the room, making the color scheme mostly black. Flipping this light switch upon entering the room has a 1/64 chance to trigger the Uboa event, which will drastically change the room's appearance and replace Poniko with Uboa as a roar-like sound replaces the joyful music playing in the room. The closet will change to resemble a face with strabismic eyes, the contents of the room's posters will change, and both the window and carpet will change to have green eyes on them. Interacting with Uboa here will lead to Uboa's Trap.

Uboa's Trap

Uboa's Trap is an isolated section of the White Desert that can only be accessed during the Uboa event. If Uboa has been summoned in Poniko's House and then interacted with, Madotsuki will be taken to a looping trap filled with white water and several mountains. A distorted-looking Uboa can be found in the trap and the Bloody Touching Monster can be seen in the background, looping by as it grasps the five melting mountains seen in the area's landscape.

This part of the White Desert can only be escaped by waking up or using the Medamaude effect.

Uboa's Trap with the Bloody Touching Monster and Uboa.


NexusSnow WorldPink Sea → Poniko's House


  • The water in Uboa's Trap disables the broom flight of the Witch effect. This is likely because it has you trapped in water, which also disabled the broom in the Pink Sea.
    • Despite the Witch effect having its action disabled, the event to change the footstep noise is on the map. If the broom is used after warping to the map with Debug Mode, the broom flight sound will play instead of the normal water noise.


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やさしいこだとおもってた ~ポニ子~ (https://yume.wiki/images/c/c4/BGM 027.ogg, BGM 027.ogg, Lights off) +  and やさしいこだとおもってた ~ポニ子~ (https://yume.wiki/images/1/15/BGM 028.ogg, BGM 028.ogg, Lights on) +
Small +, Non-looping +, Looping +  and Multiple maps +
浅瀬の家, Shoal House +
101 (Uboa's Trap) +  and 109 (Poniko's House) +
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