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NPC Info
Role NPC
Location The Second Nexus, The Gutter, Opal Ruins A
Wallpapers/Puzzles 315, 355, 465
Events ???-tsuki's Descent, Liar's Vision, Screaming Forest
Killable? No

???-tsuki (also called ***-tsuki in the game files) is a recurring NPC in Kontentsu's sector.


???-tsuki is a girl resembling a typical Yume Nikki Fangame protagonist. She has purple-ish colored hair in twintails, similar to Urotsuki's Twintails effect, though shorter. She wears a light blue hoodie, a dark blue skirt, and light purple colored shoes.


???-tsuki is found throughout multiple worlds found throughout Kontentsu's work. She appears to have a strong affiliation with the arc number 28 seen throughout the route, and another NPC called The Liar.

The Second Nexus

There is a 25% chance that ???-tsuki can be found in the bedroom in the Second Nexus, wandering around. She ignores all effects, does not do anything upon interaction, and cannot be killed. The player briefly takes her role when triggering the ??? tsuki's Descent event.

The Gutter

Somewhere in The Gutter there is a hidden passage to an isolated area with a big puddle of blood on the floor. Equipping the Glasses effect will reveal a ghostly image of ???-tsuki, sitting in the center.

Opal Ruins A

In the Opal Sea sub-area, there is a coned house similar to Poniko's house, which acts as a very brief transition area to Blue Lavender Shoal. Entering this building will de-equip any effect you have, and once you're inside, you will take the role of ???-tsuki. You can't open the menu during this period.


  • Text on ???-tsuki's sprite sheet says 'It's free to modify' in Japanese