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Yume 2kki:Abandoned Grounds

Abandoned Grounds
Abandoned grounds houses.png
Basic Info
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WP #529

Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Oriental Pub LockedCondition🔐
Test Facility LockedCondition🔐
Platformer World

Removed Connections

Construction Sign World NoEntry


bgm-i_w (No. 082E)
se018-0016 (Nighttime)

Map ID 1447
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Abandoned Grounds are a world accessible by interacting with the humanoid NPC in Oriental Pub when they appear tired, or through the Dungeon Maze segment in Test Facility.

Map of the area


The Abandoned Grounds appear to be an abandoned settlement, possibly a cityscape or slum, in the midst of a barren landscape littered with garbage, mud patches, and winding streets. It is nearly devoid of plant life, aside from a few tiny grass sprouts. The buildings placed throughout the area are large and cubical with tiny, darkened windows, and only a few have been garnished with a satellite.

There is a small chance upon entering that the area will be set at nighttime, where the area is darkened and crickets may be heard. The Lantern effect does not function here, and cannot be used to brighten the area, whether or not it is night.

The Grounds themselves have very few signs of life in the area. The few living creatures to be found here are include a red creature that appears to be eating itself, a grinning red blob, a stick figure-like humanoid creature wearing a baseball cap and puffy pants, and meatball-like NPC that follows Urotsuki around. Despite its somewhat threatening appearance, it cannot hurt or trap Urotsuki. A frightened-looking human face can also be found, propped against a longer building.

Other points of interest include a large, bloodied tooth on the ground, and an orange object sunken into the ground, located near a tiny parking lot. The parking lot has the same humanoid NPC from Oriental Pub, who appears green and shrugging, and will bring Urotsuki to Platformer World upon interaction.


Nexus → Heart WorldValentine LandCyber MazeOriental Pub → Abandoned Grounds

Nexus → Urotsuki's Dream ApartmentsSimple StreetCyber MazeOriental Pub → Abandoned Grounds


  • The meatball NPC who follows Urotsuki is comprised of four separate sprites moving in unison. Because of its odd collision, it is possible to "break" the NPC into pieces by repeatedly colliding with it, creating an amusing graphical error.
  • The connection to Platformer World used to be bugged in that Urotsuki would sink into the ground upon entry and go out of bounds, triggering the world's failsafe event that would cause Urotsuki to wake up. This was presumably fixed in 0.120 Patch 2.