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Yume 2kki:Oriental Pub

Oriental Pub
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Crushed Black



Events None
Notable NPCs

Geometric Cyberling

Connecting Areas

Cyber Maze
Sparkling Dimension A
Sparkling Dimension B
Test Facility
Tribulation Complex
Holiday Hell
Ice Cream Islands
Abandoned Grounds
Platformer World



Map ID 1122


The Oriental Pub is an area accessible from the purple geometric figure in the Cyber Maze.

Map of the area


This area starts off in a section with a diagonal grid and some coconut trees, where the rest of the surroundings is a network of alleys with shuttered passages and some lanterns hanging, with the northernmost section housing an entrance to a pub. Northeast of where you start off from is a ramen shop, where you can buy some noodles. A man with red clothes can be found sitting in the shop, who gives 500夢 when chainsawed. This drop can be easily reset by entering the area again.

A red spinning cube can be found in this world, which takes you to Sparkling Dimension A, as well as a red spinning tetrahedron that takes you to Sparkling Dimension B.

Going South from the entrance, the player will eventually encounter an humanoid creature. Depending on it's current emotion and color the player will be teleported to:

At present, the passageways here are barricaded, implying that the area has yet to be expanded upon.


After visiting Cyber Maze once:


  • This world is very likely a reference to Hell from the original Yume Nikki, it having a similarly confusing maze-like layout. Another fact that supports this comes in the form of the only other connections(Exept for the humanoid Creature's Connections Which were added later) from this world, Sparkling Dimension A and Sparkling Dimension B. which both are direct references to worlds from the original Yume Nikki.
  • In version 0.114h, this world received a new tileset and map changes.

Old images