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    Yume 2kki:Aquatic Cafe

    Aquatic Cafe
    Aquatic Cafe Entrance from Monkey Mansion.png
    Isolated entrance to Monkey Mansion
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone

    WP #396

    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Mutant Pig Farm
    Monkey Mansion DeadEnd↩️
    Rainbow Snow Plateau Locked🔒 Rainbow

    BGM bgm-r melo (No. 135C)
    Map ID 0852
    Version Added 0.106h patch 1
    Last Updated 0.122d
    Author 2i9

    The Aquatic Cafe is an underwater-themed area, accessible from the Mutant Pig Farm.

    Map of the Aquatic Cafe


    From the Mutant Pig Farm, Urotsuki will start off next to the mutilated carcass of a dead pig within a corridor of large carrots and other underwater vegetation. Following the corridor will lead to a path branching north and west, along with two ladders that lead above water, the left one from the branching path being a dead end, and the right leading to the upper area of the cafe proper. Following the northern underwater path is a vast section with onions to go along with the seaweed and carrots, with a sea creature frolicking the waters. This section has a gate that leads to the section behind the wall spanning this area. Going through the northern ladder from here will lead to another section of the cafe, a corridor of chairs, tables, and posters of the cafe's menu items on the wall, with a large-tongued creature lounging in this area, which ends in a ladder to a small underwater section containing a ladder to the cafe's main section. A small ledge can be seen in the underwater section before the main cafe. South of the section with the posters, there is an entrance to the ledge marked by a yellow line at the bottom of the annotated map. Going through it to the ledge will reveal a hidden creature with a flashing, colorful face.

    The cafe's main section is the dining area, where the chairs and tables on the lower portion are arranged next to the posters, and the rest are near the ordering area. There is an undulating white and blue-spotted seaserpent-like creature in the ordering area who sells food for 100 . The dining area includes some notable creatures, such as a reptilian-looking man who gets agitated when the Fairy effect is used, a creature with a striking resemblance to Dave Spector, whose colors get inverted when the Lantern effect is equipped, or flashes with various colors upon using the Fairy effect, as well as an octopus-like creature who changes its colors when the Maiko effect is equipped. The northern door leads to the cafe's upper area, which serves as a route back to the entrance. Within the area is an isolated entrance from Monkey Mansion by entering the door at the end of the rightmost hall. Urotsuki will find herself in an isolated pool surrounded by the cafe, which contains several shirts and a dresser. East of the isolated pool is a snow globe, which changes to contain a shifting rainbow when the Rainbow effect is equipped. If this area has previously been entered from Rainbow Snow Plateau, interacting with it in this state takes Urotsuki to that area. Next to this snow globe is a ladder down into the water followed by a path to a red sign, denoting an available connection.

    Just beside the ordering area is a secret passage within the wall near the bottle on the floor. Following the passage will lead to an underwater section, which houses a large fish, isolated by carrots, rocks, and onions. Equipping either the Grave or Crossing effect will stop its motions, and its appearance gets altered slightly when equipping the Marginal effect. When the Eyeball Bomb effect is equipped, the fish turns red and shows an eyeball.


    With the Rainbow effect, if the connection from Rainbow Snow Plateau to Verdant Nexus is unlocked: