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    Yume 2kki:Monkey Mansion

    Monkey Mansion
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Saru koushaku yashiki
    Monkey Marquis Mansion

    Effects EffectNone

    WP #206
    WP #645
    WP #667

    Events None
    Notable NPCs Monkey Marquis
    Connecting Areas

    Whipped Cream World
    Chess World
    Aquatic Cafe Return🚩

    Removed Connections

    Monkey Wasteland NoReturn➡️

    BGM bluetile_moon (No. 231B)
    e29 (Monkey Marquis's hall) (No. 160B)
    bgm055 (Balcony) (No. 016C)
    bgm021 (Basement) (No. 267H)
    kappa_02-2_2 (Entrance) (No. 366)
    soto-C5 (Old Basement)
    Map ID 0804, 0854, 1523, 1782
    Version Added 0.106g
    Last Updated 0.123a patch 1
    Author 2i9

    Monkey Mansion is an area accessible from Whipped Cream World.

    Map of the Monkey Mansion.
    Annotated map of the Monkey Mansion's basement.


    Monkey Mansion is a large and well-furnished mansion inhabited by monkey servants and large rotating ape heads. It contains many doors blocked off by parts of the scenery instead of usual traffic cones, which may or may not indicate upcoming expansion of the area. The entrance hall contains two monkey servants, and you can access the rest of the mansion by climbing the stairs. Past the entrance hall are two paths – one on the northeast and one on the southwest sides of the main hall.

    The upper right path leads to a short hall ending in a prominent doorway leading to an isolated section of the Aquatic Cafe, with four intermediary doorways. Both of the doors on the north face of the hall lead to empty rooms with a single monkey servant, while the door on the southwest face leads to a large dining room with several plates and chairs, one of which is a regal-looking couch.

    The southwest path from the main hall has a single door, leading to a small room with another blocked-off door on the other side, and a pair of upward and downward stairwells.

    Heading to the lower floor leads to a short hall with two doors on the north face, one door on the south face, and another stairwell leading to the Monkey Mansion basement. The northeast door cannot be opened, the northwest door leads to a room containing a strange creature covered in speckles, and the south door leads to an endless hall with several doors, all of which lead back to the original door. If you attempt to bypass the looping area by belly-sliding with the Penguin effect here, you will be blocked by a blob-like creature with pink eyes.

    Meanwhile, going up the stairs leads to another hall with two doors on the north face and a door at the end. The two doors on the north lead to the same room, a room with a strange fish, and another door on the other end blocked by the water the fish is in. The door at the end of the hall leads to the main room of the Monkey Marquis.

    Monkey Marquis' hall is arguably the strangest room in the area. It contains strange red and purple tiles with plants of the same color, several monkey servants and heads flitting about, and other strange sights such as toucans standing by the entrance. The music is regal and imposing. Monkey Marquis himself, relaxing in his throne, is the biggest monkey of the mansion, with his strange purple and lavender striped coat. There is a single door on the east side. This door leads to the balcony, which resembles a black void, and contains two large toucans. Interacting with the void makes the screen pan up to reveal a giant with eyes going down its body, accompanied by a red sky and black clouds.

    Monkey Mansion Basement

    The Basement area of the Monkey Mansion is a vast passageway with hidden rooms. Deep within this area is an archway leading to Chess World.

    Urotsuki's Dream Apartments Parallels

    This world's layout resembles that of the Urotsuki's Dream Apartments. The entrance hall parallels the main hallway of the apartments, with the same northeast and southwest halls of the original area. The door placement is similar between the worlds. Likewise, Monkey Marquis himself could be seen as a parallel of Urotsuki, with the patterns on his coat and the placement of his room. The significance of this resemblance is unknown.

    Other parallel rooms are described here:

    • The dining table room parallels the Trophy Room.
    • The strange door at the end of the northeast hall parallels the door to the Dressing Room. This door, indeed, leads to a section of the Aquatic Cafe which contains a waterlogged dresser and several shirts, matching the parallels.
    • The lone door on the southwest hall with another blocked-off door parallels Seishonen's room.
    • The endless hall with the doors that all lead to its entrance parallels the Simple Street.
    • The Space Creature's room parallels the room with the long-haired girl and the razor blades.
    • The doorway to the basement parallels the shortcut to the Forest Pier.
    • The room on the upper floor with the fish and the door on the opposite side parallels the room in the original apartments which contained several boxes and the key door to the Developer Room.


    If the connection from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments to Sugar Road is active:


    The basement prior to version 0.120
    • In version 0.120, the Monkey Mansion Basement received a massive overhaul. Prior to this update, the subarea shared its appearance with the main mansion and featured several strange caged NPCs being monitored by the mansion's inhabitants.


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    Monkey mansion map.png (Map of the Monkey Mansion., https://yume.wiki/images/d/d7/Monkey mansion map.png) +  and Map0854 Monkey Mansion Basement.png (Annotated map of the Monkey Mansion's basement., https://yume.wiki/images/e/e6/Map0854 Monkey Mansion Basement.png) +
    猿侯爵邸 +
    804 (?) +, 854 (?) +, 1,523 (?) +  and 1,782 (?) +
    0.107b-b +, 0.107d +, 0.114d patch 3-- +, 0.118d-b +, 0.120f +, 0.123a +  and 0.123a patch 1 +