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    Yume 2kki:Mutant Pig Farm

    Mutant Pig Farm
    Pig normal.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Chartered Pig Farm

    Effects EffectNone

    WP #196

    Events Butcher's Wrath
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Aquatic Cafe
    Sea Lily World
    Stomach Maze
    The Hand Hub Polygon NoReturn➡️

    BGM e31 (No. 147B)
    e31 (fast) (Butcher's Wrath)
    Map ID 0806
    Version Added 0.106h patch 1
    Last Updated 0.121
    Author 2i9

    Mutant Pig Farm is an area accessible from the Sea Lily World.

    Map of Mutant Pig Farm


    The Mutant Pig Farm is a looping area rife with pigs with odd, yet disturbing features, such as unusually long pigs, wounded pigs that reveal clusters with green blood which may imply these pigs' alien nature, along with pigs with protrusions coming out of their backs.

    From the Sea Lily World, you start off next to a pig with a door that glows green. Going north from there will reveal a small group of wooden rods, housing a pig that has been impaled with one of the rods. Slightly northeast of this impaled pig is a building blocked by a construction sign. Continuing south and a bit east from this section leads to an otherworldly-looking hand, which changes in appearance and allows one-way access to the Hand Hub upon interaction if the Polygon effect is equipped.

    Near the long pig is a slaughtered pig with an opening in its side, that leads to the Stomach Maze, and northeast of the dead pig is a vending machine, and near its vicinity is a strange cluster of pigs with an opening leading to the Aquatic Cafe.

    If you have visited the area at least 15 times, there is a chance that, as you explore with the three-legged variation of the Marginal effect equipped, the Butcher's Wrath event gets triggered. The area will take on a red tint, with the background's movement and music accelerated. Additionally, the area will shake periodically with static flashes occurring. The rarity of this event is decided when you go to sleep (The higher the value of Variable #44, the more likely it is for this event to happen).


    After visiting Cyber Maze once:


    • The Butcher's Wrath event will always trigger if the value of Variable #44 is 257, but it's impossible to get this value without manually changing the variable. This won't work if the player currently is using Debug Mode, as this completely deactivates the event.
    • The pig that has been impaled with a rod had a slightly broken hitbox, as you could go through it and see Urotsuki's lower body, this was fixed in an unknown version.
    • A chaser was found here before version 0.112i, which used to lead to a dead end area in Sea Lily World.
    • The building blocked by a construction sign used to be in the Stomach Maze before version 0.120h.