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    Yume 2kki:Azure Garden

    Azure Garden
    Azure garden.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Blue Garden

    Effects EffectNone

    WP #391

    Events None
    Notable NPCs Steaming Bathtub Creature
    Connecting Areas

    Dream Pool NoEntry
    Foliage Estate
    Magical Passage

    BGM n3-LI (Entrance) (No. 173B)
    moseni_hydrangea (Main Area) (No. 452B)
    moseni_hydrangea (slow) (Second Area) (No. 452C)
    e6 (Crystal Chamber) (No. 237F)
    e15 (Steaming Bathtub Creature) (No. 530A)
    e20 (Hand Passage) (No. 278B)
    Map ID 1663, 1670, 1671, 1675
    Version Added 0.117g
    Author Moriwo
    Extras +
    YNOproject Badges
    MushroomGirl(badgeY2).png Iridescent Mushroom
    SteamCreature(badgeY2).gif SteamCreature(badgeY2).png Azure Steam Creature

    Azure Garden is an area accessible from either the Foliage Estate or the Dream Pool.

    Map of the Azure Garden


    Azure Garden is a massive sprawling botanical garden featuring many spots of colorful foliage scattered about. If you are arriving from the Foliage Estate entrance, you will start in a clearing of a forest in the north. If you instead enter from the Dream Pool entrance, you will emerge from some woodland facing east. This entry point is south of the entrance from Foliage Estate and leads directly to the section which contains the bathtub creature's home.

    Descending south from the Foliage Estate clearing will lead you to the upper section of the main garden. Throughout the Azure Garden, there are many pedestals holding up massive shining blue orbs. By heading east, you will pass by a blocked door near a ladder. After descending from the ladder, you can head east to a flowery door. If you enter the door, you will arrive in the Magical Passage. Heading west from the ladder will lead to a bridge. Continuing west and descending a ladder will have you arrive in a small secluded area of the Azure Garden. By going south here, you can find a doorway and reemerge in the main garden.

    Heading east from this point will guide you to a fork in the road. If you decide to head south and down the long ladder, you will arrive at the Dream Pool entrance. If you head east and across the stepping-stones, you will end up at a small room. Upon entering, you will be greeted with a white and blue room that features an enormous steaming blue creature sitting in a bathtub. This room also features various plants sprawling across the walls and a flower with an eye as its stamen. Leaving this room and heading east will have you pass by a blue cherry with an eye. Continuing east, you can enter a doorway to continue deeper into the Azure Garden.

    Once you enter the doorway, you will be greeted with a large tunnel. After descending the ladder and heading east, you will notice that the tunnel is adorned with blue hands which descend from the ceiling. Continuing east, there will be an exit to the tunnel.

    As you exit the tunnel you will arrive in the second section of the Azure Garden which unlocks Wallpaper #391. Heading to the east leads to another door and a ladder, the latter of which leads to a flowery door blocked by a barricade. Heading through the previously mentioned door will lead you to another fork in the road. By heading east and going down the ladder, you will eventually arrive at a dead-end. From this dead-end, you are able to see a big cherry. By going west at the fork, you will be welcomed by another fork in the road. If you choose to go south, you will end up in a small rest area that contains a bench and a vending machine. Near this retreat, there is a small island with a room on it.

    By going west at the fork, you will proceed deeper into the Azure Garden. By passing behind a gigantic spiraling tree with coral growing from its cracks and continuing southwest, you will come across another impressive statue. This statue is strewn with precious jewelry and has several arms which are holding bushels of grapes. Heading east will take you to your final fork in the road. By heading south and into the boat, you will be able to sail it to a lower section of Azure Garden. Once exiting the boat, you can head north to find another grouping of stepping-stones by the impressive statue from earlier. By crossing the stepping-stones to the north, you will end up across from the room seen earlier in the vending machine area.

    Entering this room will lead to a crystalline cave with mushrooms growing throughout it. In the corner of the room, there is a mysterious stone statue of a girl covered in mushrooms. The statue can be restored by using the Fairy or Rainbow effect in the cave, which will flash the screen white and then reveal the restored mushroom girl. By interacting with the girl, you can trigger a full-screen event which shows a picture of the girl.

    After leaving the cave and heading back to the final fork, you can head north to the area's final section. You will arrive in a secluded section of the garden which slowly fades the music out. By following the path, you can find a culvert with a construction sign next to it. Taking the boat and entering the small hole in the culvert will lead you to the Forbidden Swamp.

    Forbidden Swamp

    Heading down the derelict tunnel and towards the light will allow you to exit the tunnel. You will emerge into a swamp-like area with various pieces of trash and debris strewn about in the background. A power line can be seen in the distance along with a construction sign hinting at a future connection to this area.


    After entering the Chaos Exhibition from Sugar Road once:

    After visiting the Industrial Waterfront once:

    If the connection from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments to Sugar Road is active: