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Sugar Road
Sugar road1.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Satou michi



Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Overgrown Condominium
Blob Desert
Sculpture Park
Graffiti City
Mountaintop Ruins
Chaos Exhibition Unlock🔑
Urotsuki's Dream Apartments Shortcut📞
Statue Forest
Deluxe Mask Shop
Stony Buildings
Sea of Trees
Chromatic Limbo

Removed Connections

Fluorescent Halls
Opal Ruins A
Lonely Home
Color Blocks Void


e16 (No. 277A)

Map ID 1184
Primary Author


Contributing Author(s)

Kontentsu, shigurin, noildoof, Moriwo, Yasakoten, Ouri, Yumebako

Sugar Road is a large, colorful hub accessible from a portal in the Overgrown Condominium or Sculpture Park.

Map of Sugar Road


Upon entering the area via an odd obelisk-shaped object, the player finds themselves in the center of a maze made up of vibrantly colored tiles. These tiles represent the walkable space in the area, and the space outside of these tiles is dotted with abnormally colored trees, almost seeming to be inverted in color. A few NPCs shaped like polygons can be found throughout the area and make a small static sound when interacted with.

The path southwest of the Overgrown Condominium portal is a straightforward road that terminates at a portal to the Blob Desert.

Heading east from the Overgrown Condominium leads the player to a small open area with three branching paths. The northwestern path leads to a flag and a sign bearing the Yukata mask that only appear if you have visited the Mask Shop at least once. Finding a short, concealed path behind a blue tree and interacting with a hidden portal takes you to the Deluxe Mask Shop.

Further east is a narrow path leading up to a yellow-outlined portal connecting to Graffiti City, which requires taking the concealed path behind the blue tree.

From the Deluxe Mask Shop, going east and south leads to a purple wall, initially blocking access to a telephone. Heading southwest from here leads to a different opening in the wall. Just past this opening is a path that leads up to the wall, then seemingly disappears. Following this path along the wall grants access to a portal that connects to Chromatic Limbo.

Heading through the opening of the wall instead and navigating east leads to a pink portal that connects to the Sculpture Park. North of here is a green telephone that activates a phone shortcut in Urotsuki's Dream Apartments when interacted with. Note that this will overwrite any other shortcut currently on the phone. While this shortcut is active, a doorway will appear in the wall, and a blue bathroom will appear to the immediate northwest. Entering the bathroom will warp the player to the northern section of the map, where a green bathroom can be found. This bathroom cannot be entered but will bark upon interaction and drop money when chainsawed.

East of the telephone is a path leading up to the portal that transports you to the Chaos Exhibition and unlocks the connection between these areas.

Going east of the Deluxe Mask Shop portal and north of the telephone, you will arrive at a path that leads to a portal to the Stony Buildings. Both trees above here conceal a path, and taking the hidden northeast path leads to the portal to the Sea of Trees. The eastern path below this goes to an RGB-colored portal that connects to the Mountaintop Ruins. Northwest of this, you can travel past some bright, odd creatures to find a dark-green portal that leads to the Statue Forest.


If the connection from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments to this area is active:



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