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    Yume 2kki:Character Plains

    Character Plains
    Character Plains.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Moji Heigen

    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs Person
    Connecting Areas


    Removed Connections

    Fantasy Library DeadEnd↩️

    BGM spelude-8-1 (No. 335A)
    spelude-8 (No. 335B)
    Map ID 0700
    Version Added 0.104c
    Last Updated 0.121
    Author spelude

    The Character Plains is an area accessible from the Library (specifically, by random chance upon reading the book labelled as "book txt sn 1 - 5").


    This area consists of a black background and various Japanese kanji characters that represent objects described by their characters. Each minute, the area experiences a switch between "daytime" and "nighttime", beginning with daytime by default. During daytime, the background music is much more elaborate, while it becomes much more stripped down during the nighttime. Certain characters can only be seen when the area is in a certain phase, and others will remain regardless.


    陽 - You - Sun (daytime only)

    雲 - Kumo - Cloud (daytime only)

    月 - Tsuki / Getsu / Gatsu - Moon (nighttime only)

    星 - Hoshi / Sei - Star (nighttime only)

    本 - Hon - Book

    木 - Ki / Moku - Tree/Wood

    桜 - Sakura - Cherry Blossom

    花 - Hana - Flower

    草 - Kusa - Grass

    人 - Hito / Jin / Nin - Person

    The person character will change to a different character depending on the equipped effect:

    Invisible - 人 - Hito / Jin / Nin - Person (fades when effect is used)

    Bike, Spacesuit, Glasses, Plaster Cast, Stretch, Child, Teru Teru Bōzu (Paper Doll), Grave, Crossing - 哀 - Ai - Pathetic/Grief/Sorrow

    Glasses (while in use) - 魂 - Tamashii / Damashii / Kon / Tama - Soul/Spirit

    Boy - 恋 - Koi - Love

    Chainsaw, Insect, Tissue - 怒 - Do - Anger

    Fairy, Rainbow, Penguin, Cake - 嬉 - Ki - Joy/Glad

    Maiko, Twintails, Spring, Trombone, Bunny Ears (Usamimi) - 楽 - Raku - Comfort/Ease

    Lantern, Telephone, School Boy (Gakuran), Haniwa, Red Riding Hood, Bat, Polygon, Marginal, Drum, Dice - ? - Question Mark

    Wolf, Eyeball Bomb - ! - Exclamation Mark

    Maiko (when bowing) - 礼 - Rei - Bow/Thank

    Crossing (when used) - 止 - Shi - Stop

    Chainsaw (after being used to kill the character) - 骨 - Hone / Kotsu - Bone

    Lantern (after being used to burn the character), Chainsaw (after chainsawing twice) - 灰 - Hai - Ash


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