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Yume 2kki:Wallpaper Guide

Throughout Yume 2kki, Urotsuki can unlock wallpapers for her computer under specific conditions or when certain events are triggered. This page lists all the available wallpapers in Yume 2kki and the conditions required to unlock them.

The wallpaper selected on Urotsuki's "real" computer affects the background on her dream computer, and also influences which character appears in Ending ?.

There are currently 650 wallpapers available to unlock in the game as of the latest version. They might not appear even if you fulfill the requirements, or take multiple attempts to unlock. It should also be noted that sometimes you may have to do things again, as the game might not have been tracking it until the wallpaper was implemented.

Each wallpaper is listed below by number, along with the conditions necessary to unlock them.

There are also puzzles for Urotsuki's game console, which, like wallpapers, are unlocked by meeting conditions in the game.










Wallpaper #43

  • Enter the southernmost room of the Dark Room, where Oni Musume is located.
  • Enter the Apartments.
  • Interact with all the books in the first three rows of the Library.
    • This includes the book that serves as a shortcut to the Apartments.
    • If the book has more than one page, check all pages.
    • In the third row, the book two shelves to the right from the ladder is not required for this wallpaper.

Wallpaper #89

Wallpaper #97

Wallpaper #133

Wallpaper #151

  • Get the Glasses Effect from the Dark Museum
  • Visit Smile-San and use the telephone effect to make him laugh.
  • Use the fairy effect in the Urban Street Area to make the turntables appear, then lay down a chill jam on them.
  • See Nichiyo-san at the bus stop while she is in sprite form, on the way to Urotsuki's Dream Scene. (1/8 chance every time you enter the room)
  • Go to the monochrome room and interact with the big eye on the wall, then watch the fullscreen event.
  • Go to the TV room and use the telephone effect to cover the screen with static.
  • Go to the Space Playground and unequip the spacesuit effect, then watch the fullscreen event.
  • Sit on the block in the Twin Mountains section in Flying Fish World.


  • In addition to these requirements, you must have visited various areas and unlocked their BGMs:

(Still mostly in Flying Fish World, for more information follow the link.)

  • The area with spinning clocks
  • The Monochrome Room with the large eye
  • The Balcony in helmet girl's room
  • The Moonlit Purple Balcony
  • Flying Fish World's "hidden seed room" [For ED06]

(You must have the Glasses effect to trigger the event there.)

  • The small playground in Space

Wallpaper #218

Wallpaper #222

Wallpaper #338

  • Please note to specifically enter the Mushroom Room in Floating Catacombs. Missing it will prevent unlocking the wallpaper.

The route that must be taken is the following:

Wallpaper #370

Wallpaper #397

Wallpaper #409

In no particular order.

Wallpaper #411

Keep reentering and exiting the factory until the cat appears in the garage on the left. It has a 1/5 chance of appearing every time you enter.

Wallpaper #465

In no particular order.

Wallpaper #494

Wallpaper #529

Wallpaper #533

Wallpaper #597

Wallpaper #612

The room in FC Basement for one of the Wallpaper #631 requirements.

Wallpaper #631

Wallpaper #647

Removed or modified wallpapers