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    Yume 2kki:Home Within Nowhere

    Home Within Nowhere
    Home within nowhere.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone

    WP #601
    WP #613
    WP #762

    Masks White Puffy Cap, Straw Hat, Red Beret, Winter Beanie
    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    FC Caverns C NoEntry
    Pure White Lands
    Wooded Lakeside NoEntry
    Bubble World LockedCondition🔐 NoReturn➡️
    Field of Cosmos LockedCondition🔐 NoReturn➡️

    BGM (White space)
    Map ID 1871, 1872
    Version Added 0.119b patch 12
    Last Updated 0.122g
    Author qxy

    The Home Within Nowhere is an area accessible from the FC Caverns C upon encountering the glitch in the corridor to outer space.


    The Home Within Nowhere is a two-story house reminiscent of a 90s-era house, where the surroundings are dim, and illuminated by sunlight shining from the windows.

    Upon entering the area, Urotsuki finds herself in dark surroundings, in front of a TV screen with a Famicom plugged in, displaying static at first, revealing a young student's bedroom. Interacting with the hat stand lets Urotsuki wear whatever hat is placed there, which changes depending on the current in-game Season. If it is summer, it is a wide-brimmed, straw hat; in autumn, it is a red beret; in winter, it appears as a winter beanie; and if it is spring, it appears as a white puffy cap.

    Outside the bedroom is the second floor of the house, a corridor where you can find bookshelves, potted plants, and cardboard boxes. Sometimes, a coat hanger will appear near the staircase, that will contain a seasonal hat different than the one from the bedroom.

    By entering the doors other than the door leading to the bedroom, you will enter a looping, white space with a door taking you back to where you have come from. Heading downstairs leads to the house's entrance, where there is a door to the bathroom, where Urotsuki will turn on the lights inside, then flushing after using it, and a door to the right leading to another looping white space. If you previously placed a hat on the coat hanger from Wooded Lakeside B, a coat hanger containing the same hat will be present near the bathroom door.

    Taking the southern exit leads to Pure White Lands.

    After an event in Wooded Lakeside B, Urotsuki will emerge from the bathroom door. Following this event, a temporary shortcut to Bubble World can be found in the transitional hallway through the door on the right.

    A painting of a red creature with multiple eyes can be seen beside the bathroom door. Curiously, if the player had arrived here following the aforementioned event (where one would awaken in front of the bathroom door), the painting will close its eyes depending on whether the player had done the following. The painting will reset after waking up. See the Spoiler below for more details.


    The appearance of the painting will change if the player had:

    • Chainsawed the red creature in Wooded Lakeside A.
    • Chainsawed the red flower creature in Kaleidoscope World.
    • Chainsawed the red creature in the Boiler Room within Wooded Lakeside B.
    • Chainsawed the red creature similar to Big Red in Streetlight Docks.
    • Chainsawed the red creature in the red version of "Hexagonal Pillar Passage".
    • Chainsawed the bleeding eye in the White Garden of Pure White Lands. (Only appears if you entered the world from Sunset Rooftop in Wooded Lakeside A, which requires you to chainsaw the previous five red creatures.)

    If all the red creatures have been chainsawed, then the creature depicted in the painting will vanish.

    If the player attempts to leave Home Within Nowhere from this point forward, they will end up in Field of Cosmos instead. However, this connection is not permanent and will reset once the player wakes up.

    Spoilers end here.



    • In the bedroom where the player initially arrives, a black and white striped shirt can be seen strewn on the bed, and a red backpack is seen just above the television. These two items belong to Shimako, an NPC who makes her first physical appearance in Adabana Gardens as a schoolgirl.