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    Yume 2kki:Critter Village

    Critter Village
    HexagonalVillage Playground.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Hexagonal Tile World

    Effects EffectNone

    WP #733
    WP #749
    WP #827

    Masks Critter Cap, Cowboy Hat
    Events None
    Notable NPCs Critters, Ninchiundō
    Connecting Areas

    3D Underworld
    Oblique Hell
    Marshmallow Shallows NoReturn➡️

    BGM Dyne_Paging (No. 832A)
    Dyne_Quarry (Hexagonal Pillar Passage) (No. 831A and 831B)
    Get los_loop (Hexagonal Tile Factory) (No. 833)
    bgm048 (Sandy Land) (No. 270G)
    Map ID 1826, 1827, 1828
    Version Added 0.122g
    Author qxy

    Critter Village is an area accessible from a portal in 3D Underworld.

    Annotated map of Critter Village.
    Annotated map of Hexagonal Tile Factory.


    It is possible to reach Critter Village through either the Glowing Tree Path or the 3D Underworld. Some of the houses lead to the Hexagonal Tile Factory or one of the Hexagonal Pillar Passages. There are several tables and chairs scattered throughout the area, as well as a clock on a large black pole can be found with Critters playing around it.

    Throughout the area there are various red objects, such as:

    • Metronome: Interacting with the metronome will make it start ticking, which can be heard throughout the area. This ticking keeps time during the jump rope minigame that can be played with the Critters by the town clock.
    • Alarm Clock: Interacting will cause a muted click sound.
    • Radio: Interacting will cause a muted click sound.

    Several Critters can be found throughout Critter Village. Most can be found by the town clock, and are as follows:

    • Two Critters running around the town clock.
    • Two Critters playing on the seesaw. Interacting with one will cause it to get off and allow you on.
    • Four Critters playing jump rope, with two jumping and two swinging the rope. Interacting with a jumping Critter will cause it to move away and allow you to jump in their place. If the metronome has been started it will keep time with the rope, but it is not required to play. The elephant Critter will count how many jumps you successfully complete. The Critters count in base-12, and will speed up every 12 jumps. If you fail a jump, the Critters will stop the game and will restart once you exit the rope.

    Away from the town clock there is a group of three Critters running in a line. Interacting with the lead Critter will give you it's hat, which is only present if the player has arrived from Home Within Nowhere in the current session.

    The Critters do not react when the Chainsaw effect is equipped, but will run away if a Critter is killed. The Critters will not attempt to return to their games, and will continue to run away when the Chainsaw effect is unequipped.

    Hexagonal Tile Factory

    The Hexagonal Tile Factory is a sub area of Critter Village accessible through most of the houses. It is made of pastel blocks arranged in hexagonal patterns. There are multiple vending machines embedded in the walls, and some small rooms in the area with tree trunks in them. Some of these tree trunks have holographic branches, and some have low-poly balls spinning in their roots. One of the rooms has a transparent tree hooked up to some kind of technical system, and near it is a monitor displaying a sine wave. Using the Polygon effect will make this specific tree briefly change in response. There are three bodies of liquid in this area. There is the Red Ocean, the Blue River, and the Yellow Canal. The Yellow Canal has several tree trunks in it, as well as a scare crow, whose hat can be taken. The same condition applies to this hat as mentioned about the previous one.

    Several Critters can be found wandering around here. Interacting with these Critters will cause them to become more pixelated. The Critters in this area do not react when the Chainsaw effect is equipped.

    Hexagonal Pillar Passage

    There are three versions of this subarea, accessible from certain houses: red, gray, and crystalline. In the red Hexagonal Pillar Passage, you can head north past a tree to find a Ninchiundō that will transport you to the main area of Oblique Hell, and the gray passage can be found to the west.

    In the gray passage, there is a red creature that can be chainsawed from the front, which will cause it to stop moving and make some of it disappear.

    The separate, crystalline passage contains glimmering quartz-like hexagonal pillars. At the other end of it, you can enter one of the pillars to reach the First-Person Maze in Oblique Hell.


    If you have visited Red Sewers at least once and have the Cake effect:

    With the Marginal and Cake effect, after visiting the Red Sewers and the balcony in Guts World at least once and unlocking the connection from Broken Faces Area to Dream Park:


    • The appearance of the NPCs and houses resemble the Sylvanian Families toy sets.
    • Hexagonal Tile Factory resembles Number World from the original Yume Nikki.
    • The music used in Critter Village was originally going to be used in Claustrophobia as a pitched down track, but this was changed the day before Critter Village was released.