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    Yume 2kki:Streetlight Docks

    Streetlight Docks
    2kki-streetlight docks.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Fishing Canal

    Effects EffectNone

    WP #733
    WP #820

    Masks Fishing Cap
    Events None
    Notable NPCs Ninchiundō
    Connecting Areas

    3D Underworld
    Oblique Hell
    Marshmallow Shallows NoReturn➡️

    BGM kappa_14 (No. 428C)
    pgr_vgas (Angler's Depths) (No. 830A)
    pgr_vgas (slow) (Angler's Depths (Isolated)) (No. 830B)
    Map ID 1824
    Version Added 0.120d patch 10
    Author qxy

    The Streetlight Docks is an area accessible through a door in 3D Underworld.

    Map of Streetlight Docks.
    Map of the Angler's Depths.


    The Streetlight Docks is a dark area, surrounded by murky water which short streetlights poke out of, resembling anglerfish lures. The world is traversed via wooden boardwalks that wind about, forming pathways.

    When entering from 3D Underworld, the player will start in a wooden house that leads to the main area. South of this house is a dead-end dock with a green fishing rod and a cap floating in the water. This cap can be interacted with to make Urotsuki wear it. Further southwest into the area is a fisherman with a lantern for a head, which can be lit up by using the Lantern effect on them. Northwest of the fisherman is another house with a staircase that leads to the Angler's Depths.

    Southwest of the fisherman is a third house that is inhabited by an Ninchiundō, which acts as a warp to Oblique Hell. From here, if the player goes all the way to the right, then southwest, one can find a flashing red humanoid, kicking their feet at the end of the docks. Interacting with him will show a close up of their face, in which Urotsuki is trapped in. Going to the right will lead back to the main area, however, using the Chainsaw effect will make him open his mouth and stick his tongue out. Going to the end of his tongue will make Urotsuki jump down, and send you to an isolated area of the Angler's Depths.

    Angler's Depths


    If you have visited Red Sewers at least once and have the Cake effect:

    With the Marginal and Cake effect, after visiting the Red Sewers and the balcony in Guts World at least once and unlocking the connection from Broken Faces Area to Dream Park:


    • This area resembles the Docks in Yume Nikki. It also resembles some areas of BLACK SPACE 2 in the game OMORI.
      • The flashing humanoid resembles Strober, also found in the Docks.