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Yume 2kki:Innocent Dream

Innocent Dream
Innocent Dream.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Muku Yume



Events Out-of-Body Experience
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Constellation World NoEntry
Tricolor Room NoReturn

Removed Connections

Fantasy Library NoReturn
Cloud Floor LockedCondition🔐 NoReturn


spelude-senritu2 (No. 765A)
spelude-13-2 (Out-of-Body experience) (No. 345C)

Map ID 0696, 0725


The Innocent Dream is a small, secret area accessible from a narrow path in Constellation World.


This area is a wooden room covered by a rainbow mist.

Inhabiting the area is the same piano from the Picture Book, and interacting with it will cause a short tune to play and the mist to fade, after which Urotsuki will collapse and be sent to a room with the Nine-tailed fox from Red Lily Lake. In this room, Urotsuki will be a ghost floating above her body. While in this state, she cannot interact with her body and will simply make one of her "I can't do that" sounds when attempting to do so. The only way out is to interact with Ninetails, after which a chime can be heard and they will send you to the Bedroom in the Tricolor Room.

Unlock Conditions

Certain things may prevent these steps from working (for instance, Ninetails must have all tails in-tact); however, the steps are functional from a fresh save.

Click "Show/Hide" to reveal the conditions.


To unlock the connection to this area from Constellation World, the following must be done one time and in order:

  1. Leave the Glasses effect in the Trophy Room. (Skip this if you don't have the effect)
  2. Go to to the Picture Book in the Tricolor Room to reach the piano room.
  3. Interact with the Piano Girl, then interact with the wall directly south of her to enter the Firefly Lake.
  4. Go to Red Lily Lake (without using the Eyeball Bomb effect's action) and interact with the upright lily to enter the red tinted version. Go to Ninetails, who will now be a shadowy figure.
  5. Interact with Shadow Ninetails to be transported to an isolated section of Splash Streetway. The only thing you can do from here is interact with the shadow holding you captive, who will take you to Constellation World shortly after.
  6. North of this area is the path that leads to the final destination. However, the path loops, so the Penguin effect must be used to bypass it. The long press of the effect must be activated at the right place. One technique for doing this is to count each group of 5 repeating tiles that comprises the path as one "section". If you stand at the first tile of the 49th "section" (facing upwards) and activate the Penguin effect, you will be able to continue to an island holding several stars. If you are not totally confident in the # of sections you have passed, you can also keep using the effect to move yourself upwards until the area is reached. Finally, interact with the center star multiple times to be transported.

Spoilers end here.

Hints as an alternative to spoilers:

Hint 1: The locations that are relevant to the conditions will have floating music notes found there.

Hint 2: The Eyeball Bomb effect cannot be used.


For the first visit:


Spoilers end here.

With the Child and Glasses effects, after unlocking the connection between here and Constellation World:


  • This area has replaced the Innocent Library since version 0.113i.
  • Prior to October 2023 (shortly after version 0.121c's release), the unlock conditions for this world were intentionally kept secret.