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Yume 2kki:Red Lily Lake

Red Lily Lake
Red Lily Lake.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Red Spider Lily




WP #176
WP #463
WP #695

Events None
Notable NPCs Ninetails
Connecting Areas

Graveyard World
Candy World Child
Red Sky Cliff Chainsaw
Constellation World LockedCondition🔐

Removed Connections

Cloud Floor NoEntry
Innocent Library NoEntry
Fruit Cake World LockedCondition🔐 Glasses NoReturn
Art Gallery
Butterfly Forest LockedCondition🔐

BGM Yuri_Drone (Normal) (No. 325A)
Yuri_Drone-red (Red) (No. 325B)
Yuri_Drone-inverted (Inverted) (No. 325C)
Map ID 0697
Version Added 0.103f
Last Updated 0.121c
Author spelude

The Red Lily Lake is an area accessible from the blue lotus in Graveyard World.

Map of the Red Lily Lake


As its name suggests, this area is mainly composed of a large, dark lake with the reflection of what appears to be red spider lilies scattered around. Small puddles can also be found across the area, which let view of some blue shapes reflected by the lake or perhaps below the lake.

A seven-tailed humanoid fox named Ninetails can be found wandering in the area. A chime can be heard if you interact with them, and equipping the Child effect will alter the chime. If you equip the Marginal or Plaster Cast effect and interact with them, the effect will be unequipped. Chainsawing them and then reentering the area will make one of their tails black. If this action is repeated seven times, the creature will teleport Urotsuki to the Red Sky Cliff. At this point, once the area is visited again, the creature will be back to their normal state with all the tails intact. Interestingly, Ninetails will not be present in this version if Variable #44 is exactly 6, or if either of the Ninetails masks are equipped. Unequipping the Ninetails mask will make them reappear.

If you enter this area after killing certain NPCs located across spelude's areas, like the candle creature in Neon Candle World, the bees in Honeycomb World or even the Tree of Life in Blood Cell Sea, a very fast silhouette of the fox creature will catch Urotsuki and send her to an inescapable area at the bottom of the Red Sky Cliff.

The lake has three different states, which can be changed by interacting with an upright lily that can be found northwest of the main entrance of this area. In the first interaction, the screen will turn red and blood will come out, before entering the Red Tinted state. Once in this state, equipping the Child effect and interacting with the lily once again will make the area enter the Inverted state.

A blue wisp can appear, which teleports Urotsuki to Constellation World on interaction, but only if the player goes from Red Lily Lake to Candy World at least once. This can be done with the Child effect or by entering Red Lily Lake from Candy World and returning to that world.

Red Tinted Lake

In this state, the area looks mostly the same, but covered by a red tint. Other changes include:

  • A blue lotus appears in the area, which, on interaction, leads back to Graveyard World.
  • There's a 2.75% that the fox creature will instead be a silhouette of themselves and chase Urotsuki. Once caught, Urotsuki will be teleported to the Splash Streetway along with the silhouette, before being returned to the lake in its normal state on interaction. It's important to note that, when this event occurs, the fox creature won't be present in the area when it is in its normal state nor in its bright state. One may also switch to the red tinted state to continue encountering the silhouette, even if they leave the world and come back. Additionally, access to the Innocent Dream will be disabled (the path to it will instead lead to the Urotsuki constellation) until the player fulfills the conditions for it again. This will make the silhouette disappear after experiencing the Innocent Dream and returning.

Inverted Lake

In this state, all of the lilies will become upright and the world will become much brighter. Other change(s) include:

  • A bright green wisp appears, which wanders the area and teleports Urotsuki to Candy World on interaction.



  • If Ninetails has not yet been chainsawed before their tails are reset, there is approximately a 0.0001% (1/999999) that they will give 999999 when killed, which is the maximum amount you can hold in your inventory. This the most uncommon event in the game, even moreso than reaching the Gallery Of Me or receiving the prize from black lotus in Lotus Park, and yields the most money out of any NPC or object in the dream world.
  • Certain masks can also make Ninetails disappear while equipped, including the blue slime, dark blob, and the glitch effect masks.
  • As the area changed throughout its versions, several notable things were removed:
    • Before version 0.110h, angels could be seen in this area when the glasses were used. On interaction, the angels would lead to the Butterfly Forest.
    • Before version 0.110f, a red butterfly could be found in the normal version of this area. This butterfly connected with the Butterfly Forest.
    • Before version 0.113i, this area used to connect with the Fruit Cake World.
  • The panorama here is the same one in that is in Smiling Trees World.

Old Images


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