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    Yume 2kki:Isometry World

    Isometry World
    ゆめ2っき - EasyRPG Player 23.07.2021 14 00 13 (2).png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Suna no machi
    Sand Town

    Effects EffectNone

    WP #322

    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Removed Connections

    Scarlet Corridors NoEntry

    BGM soundc_2 (Entrance) (No. 426A)
    Distant reality (Main Area) (No. 490A)
    moseni_lotus (TV) (No. 117C)
    Map ID 0968, 0969, 0970
    Version Added 0.113h
    Last Updated 0.116i patch 3
    Author kappa
    Extras +
    YNOproject Badges
    IsometryWorld(badgeY2).png Isometric

    Isometry World is an area accessible from entering the long tongue in Wastewater Treatment Plant.

    Map of Isometry World


    This area is a somewhat urban environment made out of sand, and it starts off from a head with a gaping maw.

    Inside the houses, there are corridors and staircases leading to different parts of the area; one of them ends at an under-construction valley. Another house leads to a creature with a large, squinting eye; equipping the Eyeball Bomb effect will make it turn toward the screen and stare with its wide-open eye.

    Shortly southwest of the entrance you can find a group of TVs stacked on top of each other, where interacting with the TV in the center will show different camera footage. There's a chance that it will show an ending sequence, featuring white squares for text over a mountain background, until static bars will appear. This grants you Wallpaper #322. Pressing the interaction key at this point takes you to a small room with a TV and a door blocked by a construction sign. Interacting with the sign turns it slightly darker, and interacting with the TV returns you to the main area.

    You can find a lamp east of the entrance, if you interact with it, it will hop, and change the color of this world. The order goes: Red, Blue, Green, Black, White, with Black only appearing every few cycles. If the world is any color but white, the entrance head will not have a mouth but a sad eye instead. Strange creatures will appear, the houses will lock and the TV will not work, which prevents you from exiting until the world is set to white again. Transluscent tuxedoed men will appear in the black-coloured world, standing still unless the Fairy or Wolf effect are used. Two deformed creatures will appear as well, to the east and southeast of the entrance. To its west and southwest, two women in billowing dresses will react uniquely to the Fairy effect.


    If the Container Forest has been visited at least once:

    With the Twintails effect, if the connection from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments to Sugar Road is active:


    • The lamp creature seems to be a mixture of a Luminaire and a Bacteriophage.
    • Before 0.116i, this world was connected with Scarlet Corridors. It was also an unlockable connection with Wastewater Treatment Plant from the service bell, where you needed to visit this world at least once.
    • In the files, there are entirely unused subsections of this map that are inaccessible to the player. Whether or not these will ever be implemented is unknown.