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Yume Nikki:White Desert

Uboa's Trap, one of the White Desert-related locations.

The White Desert (also known as Black and White World) is a set of deeper dream worlds in Yume Nikki. It is one of the largest areas in the game, only surpassed by Wilderness. It also has the largest variety of characters compared to other dream worlds.


The White Desert is recognizable for its monochrome appearance, largely only consisting of white, dark gray, and black visuals with occasional instances of red. Additionally, some aspects of the landscape appear to be crudely drawn. Many parts of the White Desert invoke a reoccurring theme of body parts, particularly eyes and arms. The soundtrack for the White Desert is also the same for each of its areas, only consisting of a shuffling sound and bell noise that frequently change time between which they are played.


Below is a list of worlds that are a part of the White Desert:

White Desert A

Full map of White Desert A.

White Desert A is accessible from Block World or by a one-way tunnel from White Desert B. It largely consists of groups of cacti and various structures that house the desert's inhabitants. This part of the White Desert also contains all of the world's events, being home to the Severed Heads in the Sky, Takofuusen, Monoe, and Monoko events, as well as the characters associated with said events.

The Eye Box can be found in this part of the White Desert, which has a chance to teleport Madotsuki to a void filled with Eye People when stabbed. Near the Eye Box is a gate resembling the Severed Blue Head from Eyeball World which will take Madotsuki to Block World when entered. Two Dave Spectors can also be found wandering around White Desert A, one of which stands near a tunnel and can be stabbed to change the contents of said tunnel depending on which end it is entered from.

White Desert B

White Desert B is accessible from FC Dungeon, signified by a single room in the FC Dungeon that lacks music and instead has a completely monochrome color scheme. This world is the deepest area in the game, requiring at least eight other worlds to be visited prior to getting to it. There are also no NPCs in this part of the White Desert.

The area initially starts off as a small lagoon with many features resembling body parts. Two eyes appear on the wall and nostril-like holes in the wall allow for black water to take up the room's leftmost section. Some drooping protrusions, a melting wall, and an ear-like doorway are on the right side of the lagoon, the latter of which leads to a short stairway leading to the White Desert B proper.

At the top of the staircase is a smaller area of the White Desert with a path leading to a one-way connection to White Desert A. Above this connection is an isolated mountain ring and a large group of eye-like tiles.

White Desert Mountain Ring

Madotsuki near the Brain Creature, who resides in the White Desert Mountain Ring.

The White Desert Mountain Ring is an isolated section of White Desert B that is accessed from a manhole in Dense Woods B. The area houses three large, strange creatures, although it does not feature much else.

The first part of the Mountain Ring contains Manhole-sama, which changes appearance depending on how many times the Infinite Road in the Dense Woods has been looped through. Climbing the tentacle on the right brings Madotsuki to the center of the Mountain Ring located within White Desert B. The only thing to do in this Mountain Ring is continue into the severed head, which houses the Brain Creature and, further, the Thing with the Quivering Jaw.

Uboa's Trap

Uboa's Trap is another isolated section of the White Desert, although it is not associated with White Desert A or B, instead being linked to Poniko's House and the Uboa event. The area is accessible by activated the Uboa event and then interacting with Uboa.

The area is a small looping sea of white liquid that also has a distorted Uboa within it. In the distance is a set of five melting mountains and the Bloody Touching Monster, who grasps the mountains. This area does not connect to any other worlds, hence it being dubbed a trap, and must be escaped by either waking up or using the Medamuade effect.


White Desert A

NexusBlock World → White Desert A

White Desert B

NexusGraffiti WorldMallDense Woods BTeleport MazeStatic TunnelFC World AFC Dungeon → White Desert B

White Desert Mountain Ring

NexusPuddle WorldDense Woods ADense Woods B → White Desert Mountain Ring

Uboa's Trap

NexusSnow WorldPink SeaPoniko's House → Uboa's Trap


  • Everything in the White Desert has the prefix モノ (mono), including the characters Monoe, Monoko, and Takofuusen, with even the internal name for the area being "Mono". The name of the music that plays in the area, SYA, can also translate to mono, in this case being "person" (者). This could stand for the word monochrome, or it can also mean "thing" in Japanese (もの).
  • Some fans have theorized that the location is based on drawings that Madotsuki could have drawn as a kid, due to its crude appearance. The area's aesthetic resembles the drawings found in the Sewers.
  • In the files of the game, there are sprites for a monochromatic Madotsuki that have no FC counterpart, which has led some fans to believe that this would have been her appearance while exploring the area rather than a collectible effect.