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Yume 2kki:Maiden Outlook

Maiden Outlook
The doll
Basic Info


Events Maiden Outlook Event
Notable NPCs Hina Doll
Connecting Areas

Library DeadEnd↩️
Japan Town DeadEnd↩️
Marijuana Goddess World DeadEnd↩️


yumenikkig_uljp00128 (No. 024A)

Map ID 0058
Version Added 0.074
Author 20

The Maiden Outlook is an area accessible from the Library (2nd book on the left), by taking the bus in Japan Town, or rarely upon entering Marijuana Goddess World.


The Maiden Outlook is a small area set on a cliff overlooking a suburban town. Behind Urotsuki is a bus, which seemingly takes her here regardless of location, and moving towards the left side of the cliff reveals an enormous Hina doll sitting off in the distance. The menu is inaccessible in this area.

The time of day in this area changes with each visit, although it is always daytime when you first arrive. Moving all the way to the edge of the cliff causes the doll’s head to rocket off her body and fall to the ground in front of the cliff. After this event plays, you’ll be taken back to wherever you entered the area from.

After having seen the doll event at the outlook at least twice, there is a chance you will arrive at the outlook in the evening just before sunset. Walking to the edge of the cliff in the evening still has the same effect on the doll, however this time the screen will fade out much more slowly, accompanied by the cawing of crows in the distance. The first time you view the event in the evening the crows will caw 3 times, and every time afterwards they will only caw twice.

If you enter Marijuana Goddess World before returning to the outlook after first viewing the event in the evening you will suddenly be taken back to the outlook at midnight, where the doll will already be headless and her head will be flying over the town, moving in and out of the foreground and spinning around in the night sky.

It is also possible to arrive at midnight when returning to the outlook normally after visiting in the evening, and this chance is even higher after having previously seen the midnight event, which can make it rather difficult to access the outlook in the day or evening.

To reach the outlook from Japan Town you have to sit next to the man reading a newspaper, known as News Man. Sitting at the bus stop with him and waiting a few seconds makes a bus arrive and pick both of you up, taking you to the Maiden Outlook.

Getting back on the bus will always place you back wherever you entered this area from.


  • The Nexus → LibraryMaiden Outlook


  • The map used for the Maiden Outlook is actually part of Japan Town's map, in RPG Maker it appears as a mess of Japan Town sprites, but the palette is swapped on entry to give it its own look.