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Yume 2kki:Heian Era Village

(Redirected from Yume 2kki:Mosenite)
Heian Era Village
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Heian Komachi
Heian (period) Small Town




WP #180

Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Bridged Swamp Islands Chainsaw
Seaside Village Lantern
The Ceiling Glasses


qs0UrDFJ-bgm060 (No. 041B)
n3-FiT (Terrarium Passage)

Map ID 0661, 0669, 0670
Version Added 0.102e
Author Mosenite

Heian Era Village, formerly named Mosenite, is a classical Japanese painting style village, reminiscent of paintings of the Heian era, that can be entered by chainsawing the bouncy snake in the wooden house from Bridged Swamp Islands or lighting the candle in Seaside Village.

Map of Heian Era Village


When reaching the village, you'll notice sand covering the entire area, as well as dozens of Japanese black pines, some of them being healthy and others being withered. Near the house Urotsuki exited is a river that can be crossed thanks to the wooden bridge. This river is connected to various streams, passing near many tradional houses.

Re-entering the house Urotsuki came from will lead to an alternate room, where the flowers became withered trees and the snake is replaced by a dark creature. Chainsawing it will lead her back to the Bridged Swamp Islands.

Walking along the river, then crossing a bridge and going south-east to a circle of trees will lead Urotsuki to a house that can be entered from the front doorway. Inside of it is a small terrarium with plants growing in it. At the end of this terrarium is a door that happens to be locked when you interact with it. However, equipping the Glasses effect will allow Urotsuki to open it, reaching The Ceiling throught it.

Traveling west from that building leads her to a circle of houses, where one of the trees is home to what looks like a beige cockerel with a long tail that can be stopped with the Crossing effect.

If she continues south instead, crossing another bridge and then walk south-west, she will reach another house surrounded by trees. The pink door on its facade can be entering, leading to a small room with a candle. Lighting it with the Lantern effect will stop the music. Exiting the house will bring Urotsuki in Seaside Village.


Nexus → Red Streetlight WorldBridged Swamp Islands → Heian Era Village


  • Heian Era Village is one of the three worlds to be named in Japanese after its creator, from its internal name, and was one of the two worlds to be named in English after its creator. In Japanese, the others are Ecstasy World and Fabric World; In English, the other is GALAXY Town.
    • This internal naming is a result of the area being the first in the batch of maps allocated to the author, in which the map is labeled with the author's name for distinction between other map hierarchies belonging to their respective authors.