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Yume 2kki:Neon Candle World

Neon Candle World
Neon Candle World.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)





WP #185

Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Theatre World
Cloud Tops
Candlestick World

Removed Connections

Chaos World
Fruit Cake World

BGM spelude-23 (No. 344)
Map ID 0730
Version Added 0.105c
Last Updated 0.123e
Author spelude
Map of Neon Candle World

Neon Candle World is a small, rather empty world accessible from Theatre World and the Cloud Tops.


Neon Candle World is a small, dark, looping area filled with vines and colorful hexagonal candles. It is very difficult to see without equipping the Lantern effect.

A blue orb can be found here, and interacting with it will take you to Theatre World. Heading north and a bit west from the orb will lead to a neon cube. Interacting with it will take you to Candlestick World.

A single white candle creature resides within this area, which will take you back to the hole in the Cloud Tops if you interact with it while it is not on fire. Equipping the Chainsaw effect will make it run away from you, and if you manage to kill it and then go to the Red Lily Lake, a very fast silhouette of the nine-tailed fox will catch you and send you to an inescapable area at the bottom of the Red Sky Cliff.

However, after equipping the Lantern effect, it will make a happy expression and rapidly move towards you. After interacting with it, Urotsuki will light its head on fire, which will simultaneously light the wicks on all of the hexagonal candles throughout the area. This also unlocks Wallpaper #185.

After lighting the candles, they will stay lit indefinitely until you use the Teru Teru Bōzu effect to douse the flames. You will be unable to equip the Lantern effect while it is raining or snowing. You will also be unable to teleport back to the Cloud Tops if the candles are lit.



  • The original name of this world, Cereus, is a Latin word that translates to "waxy".
  • Before 0.113i, this world used to connect with the Chaos World. The white creature is similar to the ones that were found there.

Old Images