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Yume 2kki:Chaos World

Chaos World
Chaos World.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)




Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Fruit Cake World
Cloud Floor NoEntry

Removed Connections

Neon Candle World LockedCondition🔐
Honeycomb World NoReturn
Vase World
Butterfly Forest Unlock🔑


no limit_Anon
Ainokatachi_Anon (Xylophone path)

Map ID 0719, 0720


Chaos World was an area accessible from the Cloud Floor.

Map of Chaos World

Unlock Conditions

To unlock the access to this world it's necessary to do the following:


Chaos World was a small scrolling area, with a black tiled floor that highlights a purple material that could be seen shifting around between the cracks in the tiles.

The area was covered in trees, logs and rocks resembling the ones in the Butterfly Forest with glitched-out color palettes, and strange lime green puddles of the same shifting material that could be seen below the floor.

Many white candle creatures could be found wandering around throughout the area, along with NPCs resembling black sprouted seeds, which were hard to see against the dark background. Using the Glasses effect in this area would turn the white silhouette NPCs olive green with white stripes and the black seed NPCs would start to smile.

Also found within this area is a small, circle-shaped NPC who would teleport Urotsuki to Fruit Cake World.


If text events are disabled:


  • This area used to be quite difficult to unintentionally access. To enter the area, you had to fulfill the following conditions:
    • Read the book in the Fantasy Library inside the bloody bookcase with the Chainsaw effect equipped.
    • Head to the Butterfly Forest and interact with the white butterfly to visit the monochrome room, then interact with the screen.
    • Interact with the double-sided lily in the Red Lily Lake to tint the area red, then use the glasses effect and interact with one of the angel-shaped silhouettes until the screen flashes red.
  • After doing all of the above, going to the Cloud Floor and interacting with the stationary blue NPC in middle of the lower part of the area until it pushes you off the edge would make you makes you fall into Chaos World. This would unlock the pink butterfly in the Butterfly Forest, allowing you to return.
  • However, as of version 0.105f the Fantasy Library (and by extension the bloody bookcase) is inaccessible, so the conditions were changed.
  • The small circle-shaped NPC used to connect with Butterfly Forest before its removal.
  • Before version 0.112e, this area connected with Vase World while wearing the Glasses. The NPC that served for this connection got relocated to Broken Faces Area.
  • Before version 0.113i, this area used to teleport you to the Honeycomb World.
  • Since 0.122i, this area has been replaced with Radiant Rainbow Reef. The Xylophone Path remains intact in the functional sense, now taking on a light color scheme.