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Cloud Tops
Basic Info
Original Name(s)




Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Constellation World
Art Gallery
Tricolor Room
Neon Candle World
City Limits Bat
<span data-effect-params="Bat;Fairy;Spacesuit" title="Can be accessed with the Bat
Fairy or Spacesuit effects">✨
School Chance🍀 NoReturn
Geometry World Chance🍀 NoReturn
Restored Sky Kingdom Chance🍀 NoReturn
Candlelit Factory LockedCondition🔐

Removed Connections

Cloud Floor


PLin_loop02 (Day) (No. 347A)
PLin_loop02 (Night) (No. 347E)
PLin_loop02 (Dusk) (No. 347F)
PLin_loop02 (Crepuscule) (No. 347G)

Map ID 0728


The Cloud Tops is an area accessible from multiple locations, including the Tricolor Room, the Art Gallery, and others.

Map of the Cloud Tops


The Cloud Tops is a medium-sized scrolling world filled with many paths made out of the clouds, as well as clouds with faces most resembling emoticons, making sounds when trod on. Using the Bat, Fairy or Spacesuit effects, Urotsuki can navigate outside of the clouds' bounds by flying. Equipping the Child effect will saturate the environment with a sepia tone.

Four different versions of this world can be accessed:

  • Day - By interacting multiple times with the cloud painting in the Art Gallery, brightest out of all four.
  • Night - Accessible by going south from the isolated platform in Constellation World or by being caught in the Candlelit Factory, has a black sky with a dark tint.
  • Crepuscule - Accessible from the yellow-red version of Tricolor Room or the Candlelit Factory (without getting caught), is tinted orange like a sunrise or sunset.
  • Dusk - Accessible from the white candle creature in Neon Candle World or by being caught in the Candlelit Factory, slightly darker than the Day version.

The tempo of the music played in this area seems to correlate with its version's brightness, with Day being the fastest and Night being the slowest.

In the Day and Night versions, there is a 50% chance that there will be a hole in the clouds near the center of the map. If present during the day there is a 50/50 chance you will be taken to either the School's balcony or Restored Sky Kingdom. If appearing at night, the hole transports you to Geometry World. This hole is always there in the Dusk version as the connection to Neon Candle World, and is completely absent in the Crepuscule version. Falling through the hole will show in its respective version's destination lying on the ground as if you had fallen from a great distance.

The butterfly at the northwestern corner of the map in the Crepuscule and Night versions will take you back to Tricolor Room or Constellation World, depending on which you had arrived from.

In the Dusk version, near the southwest corner of the map, there is a rainbow staircase in the middle of a circle of cloud path. To access this staircase you need any effect that allows you to fly out of the clouds, and will take you to City Limits when interacted with.

If the Candlelit Factory has been visited at least once, and only if the area is currently in the Crepuscule version, there will be a blue party hat at the lowest middle point that will transport you there. Arriving from there will place you in the Crepuscule version, but if you were caught, you will be placed in the Dusk or Night version.

No matter the version, there is an easel southeast that drops you off right in front of the cloudy sky painting in the Art Gallery.



  • Night and Dusk's background is different from Day and Crepuscule's, and has a similar appearance to that of Geometry World's.
  • Day can easily be accessed through any other version by exiting and re-entering through the Art Gallery.
  • Both the Day and Dusk versions of this area were accessible from Cloud Floor before its connections were cut off.
  • The rainbow staircase found in the Dusk version is identical to the one found at Escalator.
  • If you exit to Tricolor Room or Constellation World, the color filter of Cloud Tops will carry over until you enter another area. This also applies to the Child effect's sepia tone if active.


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