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Yume 2kki:Sky Kingdom

Sky Kingdom
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Sky Park
Heaven's Gate




WP #59

Events None
Notable NPCs

Dogboa, Mysterious Maid

Connecting Areas

Art Gallery
Apartments LockedCondition🔐
Ecstasy World
Saturated Eyeball Zone NoEntry


oudn-07 (No. 053A)
oudn-07 (slow) (Elevator) (No. 053B)

Map ID 0285


The Sky Kingdom is an area accessible from one of the paintings in the Art Gallery and from the Apartments.

Map of the Sky Kingdom


The kingdom contains floating blue tiles with holes in them that serve as the floor, along with several pillars scattered about.There is also a bench that you can sit on next to a Vending Machine.

Near the bench area is an eastbound path that leads to Ecstasy World, while the north western path leads to the Art Gallery and Dogboa's ledge. The Mysterious Maid may show up on the latter.

If you enter from the Apartments, there seem to be tethered, blinking creatures that block the doors. Their eyes will blink faster if the Chainsaw effect is equipped, and using it on both of them will let you get to the other side.

The creatures that inhabit the world are wandering clouds or puddle-like blobs with faces on them. They seem to naturally move toward Urotsuki, but will flee if the Chainsaw effect is equipped. If the Lantern effect is equipped, the darker blue ones will flee, and the light blue ones will stop moving, close their eyes, and frown. If the Teru Teru Bōzu effect is used to summon rain or snow, the light blue ones will stop moving and make a joyous expression. There is also Dogboa (a canine version of Uboa from Yume Nikki), who you can see across the ledge with the dog sign on it, moving quickly in an inaccessible area. All of the creatures will stop in response to the Crossing effect.


After visiting the Apartments once:


  • In early versions this area was vibrant and colorful, in contrast to its current blue dilapidated look.