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    Yume 2kki:Ticking Blackout Zone

    Ticking Blackout Zone
    Pillar connecting to Portrait Purgatory
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Portrait Purgatory Chance🍀
    Mirrored Pathways
    Mountain Range NoReturn➡️

    BGM None
    Map ID 2452, 2456
    Version Added 0.121c patch 8
    Last Updated 0.123c patch 4
    Author 61024

    Ticking Blackout Zone is an area accessible from an arrow-shaped rune in Mirrored Pathways or a black and white pillar in Portrait Purgatory if Variable #44 is equal to or greater than 237.

    Map of Ticking Blackout Zone


    Ticking Blackout Zone is a black and white area, periodically swapping both of the colors. Some sections of the ground reveal an intricate panorama of splatters and shapes. The ticking sound is coming from the clocks, which can be found throughout the world.

    Northeast of the pillar connecting to Portrait Purgatory, there lies an arrow-shaped Teleport Rune connecting to Mirrored Pathways. North of the Mirrored Pathways rune is a train station platform, a train schedule, and a bench. After interacting with the back of the bench to sit down, waiting will make a train appear. After entering the train, sit on any of the vertical seats and press the interact key while facing the train window to see a cutscene of the area transitioning to one with a bit more color. Exiting the train at this point will lead to Mountain Range.

    While inside, heading to the right will take Urotsuki to the head of the train, occupied by a conductor. Repeated attempts to chainsaw the conductor will result in their death. Interacting with them afterwards will make Urotsuki automatically use the Lantern effect to torch the remains, leaving only the hat. If the conductor is killed while the train is moving, the train will crash after interacting with the hat, and Urotsuki will be forced to wake up. If the train is not moving, Urotsuki may equip the Glasses effect to view the remains in color.

    On the left side of the train, Urotsuki will encounter a ladder. Using this ladder will reveal an isolated section with a sole NPC holding a red spider lily. Chainsawing them will cause the flower to be dropped. This enables Urotsuki to travel directly to the train from the northwest section of the area without having to wait for it to arrive.


    If Variable #44 is equal to or greater than 237 (7% of the time):